Wang’s off the market, for now

From MLB Trade rumors:

Agent Alan Nero said he has taken Chien-Ming Wang off the market until he pitches for Taiwan in the World Baseball Classic.  If he pitches well, the veteran should have a healthy market for a team in need of depth.  The Yankees are keeping tabs on Wang despite already having six starters in the fold.

As I posted the other day, the Yankees had Billy Connors looking at Wang, who is looking for a major league contract. Again, I’m not sure why the Yankees were looking another pitcher when there are other positions in need of back up or in the case of the catching situation, a starter. But I wish Wang the best of luck and I hope he does get the contract he’s looking for.

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One thought on “Wang’s off the market, for now

  1. Norm

    Why are they checking out Wang (yes, I know, that'll get chuckles)? Simple: it's called kicking the tires on a player. What would happen if one of their aging starters goes down? As the old cliche goes, you can never have enough pitching.

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