Yankees have four players on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects List

Baseball America released its 100 Top Prospects list and four Yankees make an appearance on the list. None of the names are surprising but their postions in the list might be. None of them are in the Top 30 – the highest prospect appears at #32. The number one prospect on BA’s list is Jurickson Profar, a highly touted SS/2B in the Texas Rangers organization.

The Yankees on the list are:

OF Mason Williams at #32
C Gary Sanchez at #57
OF Slade Heathcott at #63
OF Tyler Austin at #77

Last year, the Yankees had four players on the list as well, with Manny Banuelos named the highest ranked Yankee prospect, appearing at #29 on the list. Banuelos is currently recovering from Tommy John surgery. Another player not appearing on this year’s list is Dellin Betances who was slotted into #63 on 2012’s list.

Betances was also the victim of a very disappointing 2012. His problems were not injury-related like Banuelos, they were mainly were performance related. He split his time with the Empire State Yankees and Double A Trenton and finished the year with a 6-9 record with a 6.44 ERA.

Sanchez and Williams also appeared on last year’s list at #81 and #85 respectively.

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8 thoughts on “Yankees have four players on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects List

  1. Over the next 2 years say if the guys in no particular order like Gumbs, Adams, Banuelos, Campos, Hensley, Joseph and Pineda can be added to the 4 listed in the piece the future for the Yankees looks very bright. And with a little luck the 3 Yankee picks they have in this years top 35 they might just be able to restock their farm system once some of these guys graduate to the big leagues.

    • Pineda isn't rookie eligible anymore i believe. But yeah i completely agree. Especially in 2 years with a rotation of Campos, Pineda, C.C, Hensley, and Banuelos. As for the bats, obviously the 4 on the list would do the heavy lifting, but Adams and Gumbs.

        • You maybe right, but I'd like to see what he can do in the minor league system first. Let him at least make it to Tampa then we all should have an better indication of what we might expect.

      • I know Pineda's not a rookie but he's barely gotten his feet wet in the big leagues and he does have the potential to be force in the Yankees rotation for sometime IF he continues to progress in his rehab.

        • Don't forget Hughes also. He may not be the stud they hoped for but he is very good number 3/4 pitcher and has shown he can pitch. If he has a good year this year the Yanks need to bring him back in go into 2014 with him, CC and Pineda (hopefully) at the top of the rotation. Of course that begs the question: Who are the other 2 pitchers for 2014?

  2. I hate to be the pessimist here, but it seems every year we see a similar list. Well, when players like these from the Yankee farm system actually start hitting the big league roster, then I'll get excited. Wasn't all that long ago everyone was raving about the Killer B's. Not only haven't any of them made it as major leaguers yet, none seem close. Brackman is gone, Baneulos is injured, and Betances is regressing. At this point all those 4 mentioned above are are prospects, nothing more. I hope each and everyone of them makes a big splash in the Bronx, but that seems a long way off.