She who hesitates…

…loses the chance to do a quote of the day post.

I was all ready to post Derek Jeter‘s pearls of wisdom regarding David Price‘s earlier comments on how he wouldn’t ever play for the New York Yankees because of their facial hair policies. In case you missed it, Price said in an interview with Jon Paul Morosi of, “I wouldn’t sign a long-term deal there. Those rules, that’s old-school baseball. I was born in ’85. That’s not for me. That’s not something I want to be a part of.” But then I was beaten to the punch by Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk, who made Jeter’s quote his quote of the day.

Here’s Jeter’s quote in full:

“Do you really think some player would say no, all things considered, if it was a good deal for them? I’m not talking about his situation, but if it was a good deal for a player, I’m pretty sure most guys – maybe not all guys – would have no trouble shaving. Maybe it means a lot to him. I don’t know.”

Personally, I think it’s hilarious because I can definitely picture Jeter’s face as he was saying it to reporters. He probably had that bewildered, “are you serious?” look he gets when he hears silly quotes from other players on other teams.

Anyway, I can’t be too mad at Mr. Calcaterra, who is a friend of the blog because he linked back to It’s About The Money, Stupid in that particular Jeter post and we really appreciate the shout out. So thanks for that, Craig!

Stacey is co-Editor-in-Chief of It's About The Money and co-host of the It's About The Money, Stupid podcast.

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Stacey is co-Editor-in-Chief of It's About The Money and co-host of the It's About The Money, Stupid podcast.

7 thoughts on “She who hesitates…

  1. I don't think Price's comment is silly at all. The professional culture, formal, and informal rules of a work place are very important in determining your day to day experience on the job. These non-pecuniary considerations should be especially important for star employees who have multiple employers offering very lucrative offers.

    Example: i know lots of lawyers who have left larger firms to join smaller firms with a more laid back culture. People wear jeans to work, there's less screaming, and fewer formalities with partners. They often cite those differences as big reasons they prefer their new jobs.

    Now, Jeter is probably right that Yankee dollars can convince players to overlook the franchise's strict, traditionalist rules. But if the rules dissuade even just one or two quality players to sign elsewhere, it's probably time to scrap the rules.