Some Yankees news and notes 2/20/12

Good afternoon, everyone.

Just in case you missed some news, here are some links about the important stuff, the not-so-important stuff and some downright silly stuff. That’s the beauty of it still being early in Spring Training, there isn’t a lot of stuff happening.

First up, Joel Sherman of the New York Post writes that the Yankees are prepared to discuss a long-term deal with Robinson Cano. The scary part of the piece: Sherman writes that he expects Cano’s new agent Scott Boras to seek a ten-year deal in the $225-240MM range. That’s a lot of cash and too many years. Believe me, I love Robinson Cano but I think, no, I hope, the Yankees have learned from past mistakes – Alex Rodriguez – and would probably steer clear of the 10-year deal for a guy in his 30’s.

Next up, Phil Hughes is going to be out for at least two weeks thanks to a bulging disk in his back. Like I said earlier, at least the injury happened during Spring Training and not in the middle of a pennant race. Yes, I think there’s a chance the Yankees could be in a pennant race. Stranger things have happened.

Jon Heyman of reported on Twitter that the Yankees would not give up a good prospect to acquire Alfonso Soriano, He suggested the Yankees would pay $10MM of the $36MM remaining on the left fielder’s contract. And Soriano has named the Yankees as one of the teams he’d consider allowing a trade to along with the Mets, Dodgers, Phillies, Dodgers and White Sox.

And finally, today is photo day in Tampa so here are a few links to some of the pictures that have been released. Be warned, they’re pretty terrible.

Joba Chamberlain

Derek Jeter

Phil Hughes

Kevin Youkilis

Ichiro Suzuki

Hey, at least Jeter looks okay in his picture…

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10 thoughts on “Some Yankees news and notes 2/20/12

  1. Saw the Joba pic on YOUR blog – doesn't look any better here.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, don't sign Cano for ten years. Or even 8. With all of the austerity blather, I can't imagine the brothers committing to those dollars for that long; but – they are the same guys who stuck the team with Mr. R.

  2. I've been saying for some time now the most I would go and I think the most the Yankees should go is 6 years guaranteed and if necessary only offer a 7th year as a vesting option. NO MORE please. If Cano and Boras want more let them get it from someone else. Thank Cano for his play and move on.

  3. I think Buster Olney has it right regarding Cano: "My guess is this: The Yankees' baseball operations department — which recommended that the team pass on the renegotiated Alex Rodriguez deal — will recommend to ownership that the Yankees pay Cano very well, but not over a 10-year deal. I think something in the range of a seven-year deal, $189 million deal (or $27 million a year) is going to be much more palatable to the baseball people in the organization; I can't ever see them giving their OK to another 10-year deal."

    I know it's only a rough guide because teams wind up paying for past performance and this doesn't take into account any non-tangibles such as attitude/personality or anything like that, but over the past 4 seasons, FanGraphs has Cano's production worth $19.3, $26.2, $25.4, and then $35.3 million last year, which = avg of $26.55 million over the past 4 years. Not saying he could keep that up for another 7 years, but hey it seems more palatable than 10 years $225 million in my book. Those last 3 years are the killer when it seems like all 2nd basemen fall off a cliff after age 35 or something. I'll have to find it but I remember reading something on Fangraphs one time about how all the great 2nd basemen in history just fell off a cliff in their mid 30s (more so than at other positions for whatever reason).

  4. I just don't see how you construct a Yankees team that will remain competitive without Cano. I'd go up to 8 years. We do have a lot of money coming off the books in the next few years despite the A-Rod contract. We don't have anyone in our system to replace him and it's very hard to find offensive players like him at that position. We aren't the Royals. We'll be at 189 for one year to avoid the repeater penalty and increase our payroll after that. I think there is a lot of overreaction to the austerity of the next couple of years.

  5. If the Yankees give Cano 8 years that means paying him through his 38 birthday it will be a mistake. Just my opinion but the Yankees will live to regret the last 3 years of a contract like that.

  6. The team has no reason to entertain a 10 year deal at this point. An interesting offer to make him would be 7/175, buying out his 2013 contract – so essentially they'd be giving him a 6 year extension at 30 million per year, but the structure would make it so that it would only be $25 million reflected in their annual payroll. 30 million per year extension might be enough to get Cano to take a few less years (he is unlikely to get a 10 year deal as a free agent and should know that), and the yankees lock him up and limit the hit to their 2014 payroll. If he doesn't take it, just wait until next year and meet the market price.

  7. 1) First bad picture of Jeter I've ever seen.
    2) Not sure which I would pay more for – Joba to shave that stache, or to keep it the rest of the season. Laughably bad.
    3) But not as laughably bad as a 10 year, $240m contract. I be wary of going over 6 years, and I would not put years 7+ at $15+.

  8. Nothing more than 6 years with a mutual option for 7. If he wants more years let him walk. Take the pick and package a couple picks and a young guy to the Rangers for one of the infielders they have sitting on the bench (cuz Ron doesn't want to hurt the feelings of his "established" players by starting guys like Profar/Andrus).