Things that have happened in today’s Yankees Spring Training game

The Yankees and Braves are in the seventh inning of their game and so far the following things have happened:

  • Eduardo Nunez lost his helmet running out a ground ball in his first at bat of the game. I don’t know if he lost it when he hit a double in the third inning but I’ll just assume he did.
  • Francisco Cervelli threw a runner out at second.
  • Zoilo Almonte hit a home run.
  • Robinson Cano hit a home run.
  • Mikey O’Brien gave up a home run.
  • Cano also scored on a wild pitch.
  • The Yankees have an error and it wasn’t Nunez’s, it was actually Corbin Joseph’s who was playing third base.
  • Mark Teixeira and Matt Diaz have each grounded into a double play.
  • Melky Mesa stole a base.
  • Austin Romine just hit an RBI single to make it 8-3.

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5 thoughts on “Things that have happened in today’s Yankees Spring Training game

  1. C'mon, Stacey… most of that I can believe, but Cervelli throwing out a runner? Now you've gone too far…

  2. Looks like some of the young Yankee kids are trying to make a good impression very early in the spring. That can't help but give them some confidence.

  3. I know I'm jumping the gun big time. But is it possible that Almonte could the the RH – DH the Yankees are looking for. He had a real good 2012 in Trenton last season?