Cashman: We’re not looking for catching

Thought this was interesting. From MLB Trade Rumors:

Backstops Francisco CervelliChris StewartBobby Wilson, and Austin Romine won’t light up the scoreboard, but that’s alright with Yankees GM Brian Cashman.  “We’re not looking for catching. We just know our offensive production at that position isn’t going to be as good as in the past,” Cashman said.

So, the Yankees aren’t looking for catching? If that’s the case, let’s stick Travis Hafner back there. I’m just joking, obviously.

More from Cashman: Cervelli is out of options and Dellin Betances will start in Triple A.

What do you think of Cashman’s statement? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Cashman: We’re not looking for catching

  1. No great surprise really. Pretty talked out about the Catcher thing. It is what it is now, isn't it? I did think I remembered hearing cahsman quoted as saying Cervelli had an option left though. That's news…

  2. That's interesting – I thought I saw Cervelli had an option left as well – which surprised me then.

    I'm surprised that Betances is going to starting for Scranton – I thought after the AFL maybe they were ready to keep him in the bullpen.

  3. My take away is that if Romine isn't the starting catcher, he goes to Scranton to play every day, and Cervelli and Stewart are on the ML roster. If Romine is the starting catcher, then either Stewart or Cervelli will get DFA'd (assuming Cashman can't trade one of them). If it's Cervelli, it would be interesting to see if there's interest from other organizations, or if he signs a minor league contract with the Yankees.

  4. Lets be honest, what realistic options are out there that would be decidedly better? There is no other choice but to go forward with what the Yankees have. Maybe someone like Miguel Montero or Brian McCann become available around the trade deadline and they can make moves then if the opportunity arises.

  5. And Cervelli is out of options, they sent him down last year because he had one option left while Stewart had none. Romine is the only of the trio with an option left.

  6. Once they let Martin walk I figured t4ey were serious about not looking for a catcher. Barring a catastrophe behind the plate I think these guys are it

  7. Well, Brian, it's funny you should say that the organization is prepared to suffer lower offensive production from the catching position compared to years past. Why? Because fans are prepared to buy fewer tickets and watch fewer games compared to their dedication in years past. Enjoy your new, empty Stadium.