Curtis Granderson Out 10 Weeks With A Fractured Right Forearm

There aren’t many ways this Spring Training could have gotten off to a worse start.  In his first at-bat of his first ST game of 2013, a game he started as the left fielder rather than the center fielder, Curtis Granderson was hit by a pitch from Toronto starter J.A. Happ on the right arm and immediately left the game.  After first being called a “bruised right forearm” by the team, X-rays confirmed that Granderson suffered a fractured right forearm and is expected to be out for 10 weeks.

According to Jack Curry, that 10 weeks includes time for both recovery and rehab, which means Granderson could be back in the Yankee lineup by early May, but this is still a huge blow to a team that was already weakened offensively this past offseason.  Granderson has been the most consistent power source in the middle of the lineup for the past two years, and his absence will only further exaggerate the lack of power and lack of depth that could impact this year’s team.  More on this story as it becomes available.

** Update 3:22PM- If you’re already interested in talking replacements, Cash has shot down the possibility of Eduardo Nunez as an internal option (via Bryan Hoch), and said, “all options as of now are internal” (via Erik Boland).  We’ll see… **

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One thought on “Curtis Granderson Out 10 Weeks With A Fractured Right Forearm

  1. Real simple folks:

    LF – Ichiro

    CF – Gardner

    RF – Juan Rivera, Matt Diaz, or a platoon of both

    If the Yanks don’t trade for or sign another veteran outfielder, they MUST play Rivera and Diaz in RF.

    They CANNOT give an everyday OF position to Thomas Neal, Melky Mesa, Ronnier Mustelier, Zolio Almonte, or Slade Heathcott, as these five have a combined TWENTY-SIX MLB PLATE APPEARANCES between them, two dozen of those PAs owned by Neal, the other two owned by Mesa, all last season. Russ Canzler who has 102 MLB PAs and 11 games in the OF (all in LF with one assist) is no longer a Yankee. Andruw Jones is gone (good.) The Yanks are not making a panic move like trading for Alfonso Soriano where they’re on the hook for $5M a year through 2014 even with the Cubs paying most of the freight (as they once said they’d pay $26M of his remaining $36M to shed his contract.)

    The only way, and I mean the ONLY way, the Yanks should give an everyday OF job to one of these players is if he .450 BA or better tears it up in spring training and you hope he continues to be .270 or better hot to start the season.

    I think Rivera and Diaz are capable of having a good or better April through May X. We have to pull for them to have one.