Granderson out with a broken forearm

The Yankees just announced that Curtis Granderson will be sidelined at least 10 weeks with a fractured right forearm. Granderson was hit with a J.A. Happ offering in this first at bat of the game.

Granderson, who led the Yankees with 43 home runs last year, was taken out of the game immediately after being hit with the pitch.

More on this as the details come in but this is not good news for the Yankees.

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12 thoughts on “Granderson out with a broken forearm

  1. Not good news, but it provides some opportunities for a lot of young players. Plus, that timetable would put him back on the field around May 15. I seriously doubt they'd be out of the race by then. All they have to do is stay within a couple of games of the top for the first month of the regular season and then he'll be back. Not a good thing, but not the end of the world.

    • What young players? Our young impact outfielders won't be ready until around 2015. We kept Ichiro because of our lack of in house options.

      • You've got some players who may not be superstars, but could fill in for the month that Granderson's out. A lot of times you can catch some people by surprise with a young talent who has a hot hand for about a month or so. Who's to say a Melky Mesa or Zoilo Almonte can't be that guy for about 30 games or so. Not every player is going to step in and be Robinson Cano or Derek Jeter. But if they can hit a little bit, run a little bit and play some fundamental baseball until Granderson returns, that's all you need.

  2. jeter
    left field???

    is it a stacked lineup?? certainly not but it will suffice

  3. Gardner hitting last is what really makes this a good lineup. You know 1-6 there are going to be able to do some damage, and if whoever is in LF can just get on base, having Gardner and Jeter follow them up will be nice.

  4. This maybe the chance to give someone like Almonte a shot. Personally I'd like to see the Yankees give him a shot at the big time to prove himself.

  5. call me crazy but i think yankee fans are fed up with the a-rod's of the world and would really enjoy seeing a yankee team that grinds it out with players that really want to be in the majors and in pinstripes for all the right reasons…i for one, would love to be part of another 15 year run with the next generation of the jeters, bernies, jorges, and andys that our system has to offer…having a $15 million player at each position takes some of the fun out of it

  6. All those homers…lets not forget granderson wasnt even a 3 win player last year. This is not a GOOD thing but its hardly the end of the world.

    • Exactly. Never would I think that losing Granderson is a positive, but to lose him now instead of in August serves several purposes. One, you can see if any of these young players can at least fill in for a short period of time. Two, it will hold Granderson's numbers down to the point where you might be able to justify a qualifying offer after this season because I don't think his market is going to be all that lucrative. Three, it will provide a jump start in May that may put them back in contention if they start slowly, or catapult them to the lead if they are able to tread water.