Tuesday morning Yankees notes: 2/26/12

Good morning. It’s Tuesday, Februrary 26, 2012 and the Yankees already have their first oblique injury of 2013. This year’s lucky player is Kevin Youkilis who was scratched from today’s lineup. He will be evaluated in a few days. Hopefully it’s not a serious injury and that it won’t linger.

From Bryan Hoch of MLB.comYoukilis says the “injury” was just a cramp yesterday. Could play today with no problem, but Yankees being cautious. “No concerns,” he said.

I mentioned this last night but Johnny Damon is really lobbying to help the Yankees. So much so that I even saw the headline on the WABC 7 ticker during Good Morning America. He appeared on Michael Kay’s ESPN radio show yesterday:

“You guys know that I would have tons of interest to go to New York,” Damon told Kay and co-host Don LaGreca. “But I just don’t think they would be interested. I’m not exactly sure what happened over the years or something. They have had plenty of opportunities and I kept raising my hand, wanting to go back and, you know, hopefully it would be a perfect fit. It always had been. Have me for six weeks and then send me off on my merry way. That’s fine.”

Johnny, what happened was you got older and your skills diminished. The Yankees already have enough older players on their team so don’t take it personally. You had your time here but it’s over.

Here’s today’s lineup for the game in Clearwater against the Phillies:

Nunez 6
Ichiro 9
Cano 4
Teixeira 3
Hafner DH
Diaz 7
Mesa 8
Wilson 2
Maruszak 5

Ramirez RHP

The upcoming starters for the Yankees this week: Nik Turley tomorrow, and then for Thursday’s split squad affair, David Phelps will pitch at home and Brett Marshall will pitch on the road.

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday morning Yankees notes: 2/26/12

  1. Tom C

    I'm conflicted about Johnny Damon. I know the last thing in the world the Yankees need right now is another left handed hitting OF/DH, but something tells me Damon would be an asset in the post-season. These type of vets are what made the Yankees so clutch in their last dynasty run. Also if Hafner ever breaks down this season, which is a definite possibility, then another left handed bat would be useful.

  2. srosegots

    I doubt he'd even last until mid-season if the Yankees were even going to go in that direction and I think a lot of things would have to go wrong for Johnny Damon to be a major contributor. I really don't want a lot of things to go wrong.

  3. uyf1950

    Stacey, "… Johnny Damon is really lobbying to help the Yankees." Shame, shame on Damon he's doing no such thing, What Johnny Damon is really doing is lobbying to help himself.

  4. jay_robertson

    Awesome – good to see that Youk is continuing with his secret plan to help his favorite team – the one where his "heart is."

    Wonder if his middle name is Pavano? Can't help but love it when a whining mercenary pulls up lame before the 3rd ST game.

  5. chris

    No on Damon. Old and washed up. Give the youngsters a shot.

    • Stacey Gotsulias

      I agree completely. I think this could be a good thing for them (the young guys).

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