Girardi: Hughes might not be ready for the start of the season

I didn’t even want to address this “news” because I don’t feel like it’s a big deal but since everyone else has said something about it, I might as well too, right?. So here it goes…

Earlier today, Joe Girardi just happened to mentioned that it’s possible Phil Hughes, who is recovering from a bulging disk in his back, could miss the start of the season.

You know what else is possible? It’s possible that Hughes may not miss the start of the season. It’s also possible that I could win the lottery.

I feel like everyone is overreacting to every bit of news or every quote to come out of someone’s mouth. I get that it’s Spring Training and we’re all bored and that people are looking for stories but I listened to Girardi on Mike Francesa’s show earlier this afternoon and he said Hughes has been pain free.

How did we go from someone being pain-free which seems like good news to me to someone possibly not being ready for Opening Day?

So, is it possible Phil Hughes misses the beginning of the season? Sure but it’s also possible he doesn’t.


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9 thoughts on “Girardi: Hughes might not be ready for the start of the season

  1. Girardi also said he wasn’t worried about Hughes’ arm in April of 2011. The man is a BS artist.

  2. Stacey, you are my hero. Once again a well written and to the point article. They only thing that could delay Hughes being ready really is he will need a certain amount of pre-season innings (work) to be ready for the regular season. Does it really make a difference if he makes his first start on April 5th, 10th or 16th? Of course not.

    • Thank you. It just drives me a little crazy when people always focus on the negative part of a quote without even thinking about the other side of it.

  3. Could this open the door for Joba to compete for his rotation spot and claim it for good?

    Just kidding, but that would be a nice angle for those starving for something to write about. :)

    • Oh I'm sure this will happen. Or they can go in Joel Sherman's direction and just trash Joba in a column.

      • I used to LIKE Joel….someone should write a column in MSM, about how "over" Joel everyone is.

          • I'd be very surprised if there is a Yankee fan in the entire Universe that likes Lupica. He's a complete butthole.