Wednesday morning Yankees news and notes: 2/27/12

In news that wouldn’t shock anyone, Brian Cashman started shaking his head and saying, “No. No. No. No,” before reporters even started asking any questions regarding the possibility of placing Eduardo Nunez in left field while Curtis Granderson works his way back from his broken forearm.

Cashman talked about a few things yesterday but it wasn’t in person, it was via text message and phone calls. The topics included why Johnny Damon won’t be getting any calls from the Yankees’ front office about playing LF and the Nunez situation. Cashman said about, “I don’t think he profiles as an outfielder with the bat.” He also said that the Yankees would be looking from within even though a few free agents had gotten in touch with them.

Some more notes:

  • Phil Hughes expects to be reevaulated today.
  • Kevin Youkilis will sit out again today just for precautionary measures.
  • And here’s some funny Yankees news, well, not really news but Nunez joined Twitter recently – he’s verified and everything! – and he tweeted this gem last night, “People ask me all the time why my helmet falls off… I would also like to know why lol.”

I had mentioned on Twitter that I was going have a “Nunez Helmet Counter” in the sidebar of the website to keep track of how many times he loses his helmet during the season but it may break down by mid-May at the rate he’s going in Spring Training.

Here’s today’s lineup:

Brett Gardner LF
Jayson Nix SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Juan Rivera DH
Dan Johnson 1B
Zoilo Almonte RF
Slade Heathcott CF
Chris Stewart C
Corban Joseph 3B

LHP Nik Turley

The Yankees are taking on the Baltimore Orioles at 1:05 p.m. at Steinbrenner Field. The game will be on YES.

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday morning Yankees news and notes: 2/27/12

    • Yes. Gamble was the first guy I thought of when I noticed Nunez’s helmet affliction.

    • Here's an even older flashback moment. His helmet falls off about as often as Jim Bouton's hat during his heyday in 1963 and 1964.

  1. Well both Turley and Eppley stunk it up. Combined they didn't make it through the 2nd inning.

    • Beginning to hate February baseball. I pop up the game on the Internet, and see a bunch of names that, although I've seen them before, prompt me to say, "Who are these guys?" But that's the joy of spring training. Pick the positives and ignore the negatives, because the negatives aren't going to be around on April 1 anyway.

  2. I've always thought a runner "lost" his helmet because it made him run faster. If Nunez actually doesn't want it to fall of it should be up to the equipment manager to fit it properly.