When is moving Brett Gardner to center about more than just defense?

Joe Girardi recently announced that Brett Gardner will be taking over in center for Curtis Granderson. On the surface this seems like a logical baseball decision. By all measures, Gardner isn’t just the better defensive outfielder, he’s the best defensive outfielder in the game. The real question, from a baseball perspective, is why the Yankees ever put Granderson in center at all. But we all know the answer to that. When the Yankees first traded for Granderson they made it clear that he was the Yankee centerfielder of the future. The Yankees gave Curtis centerfield to make him happy, to Continue reading When is moving Brett Gardner to center about more than just defense?

Today’s Yankees Lineup: 2/24/12

It’s Sunday morning, it’s February and there will be Yankees baseball on our TV’s this afternoon. Yes, you’re allowed to be giddy about it. It doesn’t matter that the game itself doesn’t count.

You will see some changes in the Yankees’ lineup today. Mainly, that most of the regulars are there and that the defensive alignment in the outfield has been altered. They’re trying out the Granderson in left, Gardner in right experiment which will be interesting to watch.

The game is scheduled to start around 1:05 p.m. You can catch it locally on YES and nationally on the MLB Network.

Gardner 8
Ichiro 9
Cano 4
Teixeira 3
Granderson 7
Youkilis 5
Hafner dh
Nunez 6
Stewart 2

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Spring Training Game One: Yankees 8, Braves 3

The Yankees are undefeated in Grapefruit league play thanks to an 8-3 victory over the Atlanta Braves. I know, it’s only one game and it’s Spring Training but I’m just happy to be able to write about an actual game. The last set of games the Yankees played left a pretty bad taste in everyone’s mouth so a victory, even in exhibition play, is nice to recap.

Paul Maholm, who started for Atlanta, kept the Yankees off the scoreboard for two innings. Robinson Cano reached on an error in the first but was erased from the bases when Mark Teixeira grounded into a double play to end the inning. In the second, set the Yankees down in order.

Things changed in the third when Jordan Walden came into the game to replace Maholm. Melky Mesa reached base when third baseman Chris Johnson dropped a pop up in front of the plate. That play ignited the Yankees and they ended up scoring four runs in the inning.

Mesa stole second when Zoilo Almonte was up in the inning, Walden threw a ball that got past catcher Christian Bethancourt which allowed Mesa to advance to third. Almonte made Walden pay when he took Walden’s 1-2 offering to left centerfield for a two-run home run putting the Yankees up 2-0.

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Things that have happened in today’s Yankees Spring Training game

The Yankees and Braves are in the seventh inning of their game and so far the following things have happened:

  • Eduardo Nunez lost his helmet running out a ground ball in his first at bat of the game. I don’t know if he lost it when he hit a double in the third inning but I’ll just assume he did.
  • Francisco Cervelli threw a runner out at second.
  • Zoilo Almonte hit a home run.
  • Robinson Cano hit a home run.
  • Mike O’Brien gave up a home run.
  • Cano also scored on a wild pitch.
  • The Yankees have an error and it wasn’t Nunez’s, it was actually Corbin Joseph’s who was playing third base.
  • Mark Teixeira and Matt Diaz have each grounded into a double play.
  • Melky Mesa stole a base.
  • Austin Romine just hit an RBI single to make it 8-3.

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Some weekend Yankees news and notes: 2/23/12

Good afternoon, Yankee fans.

As you know, the New York Yankees will be playing the Atlanta Braves in Orlando this afternoon and it’s the first Spring Training game for the boys in Pinstripes. Today’s game isn’t going to be televised but if you visit MLB.com’s media center, you can listen to it!

Here are some links for you to look at on this dreary winter day – at least it’s dreary here in the Northeast:

  • It looks like the Yankees are embracing their Evil Empire moniker, at least according to this story in the Wall Street Journal. The Yankees are suing to trademark “Evil Empire” at least in regards to baseball. I love this and think they should go all out. I’ve actually been saying for years that the Yankees should play the Imperial March for their lineup and not for opposition’s. Embrace the evil, guys, like Vader strangling people with the force.
  • Yankees reliever Nick Goody arrived to camp this morning on crutches. He sprained his ankle and from what Chad Jennings heard, it happened in a car wreck. Goody was the Yankees’ sixth round draft pick last year.
  • Derek Jeter practiced on-the-field running and did some agility drills for the first time since his ankle surgery last Fall. He was at Steinbrenner Field with the rest of the players who didn’t travel to Orlando for today’s game.
  • In case you missed it, I posted today’s lineup. The ways you can tell it’s a Spring Training game: Robinson Cano is batting second and Mark Teixeira is the only other regular in the lineup. Eduardo Nunez is also in Orlando to take on the Braves. Both Cano (Dominican Republic) and Teixeira (U.S.A) are participating in the World Baseball Classic.
  • And finally, the best story to come out today: Alex Rodriguez and Lady Gaga have the same hip surgeon and according to Page Six of the New Yorrk Post, Rodriguez lent some emotional support to Miss Gaga who is having the same hip procedure he had in January. Is there anything better than the “news” that comes out during Spring Training, especially where Rodriguez is concerned? The other day it was oysters and sweatpants, today it’s Lady Gaga. I’m a little worried about what will be next.

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The first Yankees lineup of Spring Training

It’s Saturday morning, February 23, 2012 and that means it’s time for the first Yankees lineup of Spring. Now, hopefully you won’t ever see this particular lineup in Yankee Stadium this season otherwise, the team is in big trouble.

Eduardo Nunez SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Juan Rivera DH
Matt Diaz LF
Francisco Cervelli C
Melky Mesa CF
Zoilo Almonte RF
Corban Joseph 3B

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IIATMS Top 30 Prospects 2013

With Spring Training underway and the Yankees gearing up for their first “game,” it seems like a good time to look at the Yankees of the future. The bulk of the Yankees’ strongest prospects still have at least a couple years to go, but they are getting closer. Some of these guys may find their way to the Bronx at during the next seven or eight months, others are still a few years away from the majors and – of course – some may never get the chance to run out onto a big league field. Regardless, here are some names to keep an eye on during this year’s Farm Reports.

1. Gary Sanchez (C):
We had Sanchez at the top of our list all last season and see no real reason to move him out of that top spot, though some of the other young guys make this a bit of a harder decision – but more about them later. The Yankees have had a wealth of catcher prospects over the last few years, but with Jesus Montero now in Seattle and Austin Romine missing most of last season with another back injury, Sanchez has become the focal point in the Yankees’ internal search for their future catcher. Sanchez had a rough 2011, with some “character” issues and a mediocre year at the plate, but he seemed to turn it around quite a bit in 2012.

Offensively, Sanchez still is a bit raw, but at 20 he continues to improve and has always projected to hit for average and power. He hit .290/.344/.485 between Charleston and Tampa in 2012. He was SAL Player of the Week twice and picked up SAL Mid-Season All-Star and MiLB.com Organization All-Star honors. Much like Montero, Sanchez’s offensive potential has never been questioned, but his ability to stick behind the plate continues to garner discussion. He has a strong arm and appears to be making improvements defensively. He is probably a safer bet to play catcher than Montero ever was, but some scouts continue to doubt whether this will happen. Sanchez will likely start the year in Tampa and find himself in Trenton by the end of the season, giving him a few more years until we see him in the Bronx.

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Notes from Yankees camp: The returns of Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera

Every year, the Yankees invite former players to camp to act as guest instructors during Spring Training. As we all remember, Andy Pettitte returned as a guest instructor in 2012 then suddenly announced he was returning to the baseball. This year Jorge Posada‘s turn to be asked to go down to Tampa to act as a guest instructor by the Yankees.

So will Posada pull a Pettitte? All signs point to no. Posada said he has no intentions of playing. Though I’m sure if he did, he’d probably do just as well – at least at the plate – as the guys the Yankees currently have competing for the starting catcher’s job.

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