Cashman to Yankee fans: Calm down about Eduardo Nunez

Hey Yankee fans, Brian Cashman wants to let everybody know that Eduardo Nunez is ‘not a great offensive player,’ and that while he’d be a suitable shortstop, Cashman believes Nunez could not be an everyday third baseman, left fielder or center fielder.

Okay, no offense to Mr. Cashman because I like him but were people actually clamoring for Nunez to play center field or did he just happen to mention it because of everything that’s happened so far in camp?

I know Yogi Berra said last month that Nunez should get at least 500 at bats and that when Curtis Granderson had his forearm by a pitch, some people, not a majority by any means, suggested Nunez as a left field fill-in but centerfield? Really?

Cashman, speaking with Mark Hale and Mike Vaccaro on yesterday’s PostCast, also said there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to players like Nunez and that people tend to exaggerate what they can actually do.

Well, to be fair to the people doing that sort of thing, Nunez was one of the only guys to actually hit the ball in the playoffs – even in limited at bats – and when one of your last memories of a guy is of him hitting a home run off Justin Verlander in a series in which none of the other guys on the team could get anything going, your vision of him will be of that performance since it’s the freshest one.

Not that I feel that way but you know that some people tend to veer in that direction.

Cashman said the Yankees “have no problem” grooming him as a potential shortstop of the future after Derek Jeter retires. He’s athletically able to effectively play different positions defensively, the GM said, but would not be enough of a threat offensively to warrant that. Nunez hit .292 with one home run and 11 RBIs in 89 at bats last season.

I do agree with Cashman and think that Nunez is better suited to be an everday shortstop than to be placed in any other position regularly. What remains to be seen is how Nunez is actually used this season. If we see more of him in the field, it’s because Derek Jeter isn’t feeling right and that’s not a good thing.

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16 thoughts on “Cashman to Yankee fans: Calm down about Eduardo Nunez

  1. After nearly 3,000 chances in the field between the minors and the majors and nearly 200 errors I have to say Nunez may NOT be suited to be anything more then a backup at any position. That's just my opinion.

    • Exactly – he simply does not have the hands for an everyday SS on a championship team. No problem with him as backup .

  2. Was it Nunez who held up the Cliff Lee trade a few years ago? (Yes, in retrospect, it's probably for the better that the trade didn't happen–but STILL.)

  3. Nunez at SS is a pipe dream. Certain positions can be taught, but I'd argue catcher and SS are the two most difficult far and away.

  4. This coming from a GM who traded our best prospect in years in Montero for damage goods also signed Kevin brown Pedro feliciano and don't get me started on his draft picks since he has been in control. Don't blame Nunez for his defense keep him at one position for the whole year and let's see what he gives us. I think we should listen to hall of famer Yankee great lawerence Peter yogi Berra. Not some GM who just knows how to spend money and has to clue what talent is.

    • My friend in case you weren't aware of it, Nunez in the minor leagues has played 641 games at SS and only 19 at 2nd base and 17 at 3rd base. In 2012 he played SS exclusively 160 games combined. If he hasn't learned the position after playing virtually his entire 7 year career with the Yankees at SS It may be time to admit that he's not cut out to be a full time starter. Just my opinion but I think the time has past where Nunez should be given the benefit of the doubt.

      • Well last year they had him at Ss one game thrid base another game then second base . Let him play one position and see how he does. Personally I think he is better suited for thrid base.

    • I am very much in agreement with uyf1950; the time has passed, and along with other commenters above, I believe that SS is not the position for Eduardo. I do think that there needs to be some conversation regarding his filling in for the vacated OF spot. Mr. Cashman, for some reason, is trying to put down Eduardo's bat, and uplift his fielding, but the contrary seems to be more accurate. Eduardo can hit but not field at SS; OF, on the other hand, is a very learnable position, and Eduardo should be allowed to see if he could fill in; his hitting could actually improve an older and slower (especially without Grandeson) team.

      • Matt, I'd much prefer that the Yankees give one of the "other" guys that have been groomed as outfielders a shot to replace Granderson on a temporary basis. Whether it's Almonte or one of the others. I think the Yankees would be better served by that then trying to fit a "square peg (Nunez) into a round hole (outfield)". That's just my opinion.

      • Matt, BTW I don't think Cashman is purposely trying to put down Nunez's offense but he is only a career .270 batter and his career OPS (including the minors) is under .700. So aside from a few high profile AB's he really hasn't done a lot to distinguish himself offensively.

    • This ST has not been kind to the Yankees defense including today's game so far the Yankees have committed 11 errors.

  5. Hey, Stacey, is Cashman starting to seem a little needlessly stubborn and provocative to you?

    • I think so. He's been with the organization forever and honestly I'm surprised it's taken this long for it to happen. I also think he's fed up with a lot of things that haven't panned out for whatever reason, he's fed up with things he's had no control over, etc.

  6. Mark my words. I know the Yankees have sustained quite a few injuries over the years. This year
    being no different than any other year. But one thing I know for sure is that this will be a breakout
    year for Eduardo Nunez. He is going to surprise a lot of fans who question his defensive abilities
    but if the Yankees get to post season he will be a big reason why.