Quote of the Day: Kevin Youkilis

So Kevin Youkilis was talking about the loss of Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson to start the 2013 season and he said:

“Chicks dig the long ball… There are a lot of unhappy women in New York.”

You know what? New York Yankee fans need to embrace Youkilis. You need to forget he ever played for that team 200 miles from here, you need to forget his petulant behavior, his goofy batting stance and forget the fact that he caused us fits when he was with that team that shall remain nameless.

Just wipe all traces of his time with that squad from your memory banks because Kevin Youkilis is a Yankee now and he is pretty hilarious.

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10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Kevin Youkilis

  1. He also dropped, "I don't want to start any controversy, but shortstop" when reporters asked him what position he would prefer to play. Not bad.

  2. New York Yankee fans need to embrace Youkilis

    I am totally on board with him. I mean, if I can't get excited about THIS guy, trying to help us, then what's the point of being a fan? OK, he was hated. Got it.

    Get past it, folks. Earth not flat. Youk is a Yankee. Deal.

  3. Really. At least he is MOT. I mean, we got the Sox 2 biggest rednecks in Clemens and Boggs and lived through that. I mean. it ain't a crime to be ugly.

  4. I really don't get all the hate at him. He always played hard and clean, he was amazingly discplined at the plate (the proverbial Greek God of Walks), and he took on whatever tasks his manager asked of him. Yeah, he played for the Red Sox, and I rooted like hell against him, but I never thought he was an a*****e like Pedro or Vanitek (hey, Vanitek, maybe if you work real hard, you can raise that "C" to a "C+"). There's a long and fine tradition of ex-Sox coming to the Yankees going back to Babe Ruth. In my time, there's Sparky Lyle, Luis Tiant, Wade Boggs and Johnny Damon (I admit Clemens was a bit hard to swallow). Youkilis should fit right in with that group (and given his sense of humor, probably particularly well with Lyle).

  5. Red Sox fan here, one who's not mad at Youkilis for being a Yankee, or anything like that. Still love him, still love the rivalry, and respect Yankees (and their fans) when it's due. Good luck this season, and I hope you continue to enjoy and appreciate having Youk.

  6. He's a gem. Almost wish he would stay past this year. But that probably won't happen. Too bad.