Sherman: Mariano Rivera to retire after 2013

While the news isn’t surprising, it still feels like the universe is piling on at this point.

Via Joel Sherman’s Twitter:

“I can report Yankees have 10 am press conf sked Sat at Steinbrenner Field at which Rivera is set to announce retirement after ’13 season.” He added, “Always possible private Rivera decides to change mind at last sec, but time and room are booked for his retirement announcement #Yankees.”

It was pretty obvious last season when Mariano Rivera tore his ACL that retiring was in his plans after 2012 but that the injury prevented that from happening.

I’m glad we’ll have one last season of Mo and I hope he has a great farewell tour around the Majors.

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11 thoughts on “Sherman: Mariano Rivera to retire after 2013

  1. It will be an interesting ballot for the HOF should the 3 Core Four remaining Yankees all retire at the end of this season. Jeter and Rivera are locks 1st ballot HOF’ers in my opinion. Pettitte starts the 2013 season with 245 wins, I think if he can get to 260 wins along with his post season record he will make the HOF but probably not on the 1st ballot.

    BTW, I realize Jeter still has a 2014 player option and I’m not saying he WILL retire only thinking out loud IF he were to retire.

  2. Bet there’s a run on tickets for the last Yankee home game of the season. They have to pitch Mariano even if the game is a blowout.