Quick Hit: Another day, another Yankee injury

Can the person with the Yankee player voodoo please put it down and store it somewhere?

It seems the latest Yankee to be touched by the injury bug is reliever David Aardsma who is battling a groin injury and he’s not the only pitcher with an issue. Phil Hughes is on the mend from his bulging disk, Boone Logan has been struggling with a balky elbow, Clay Rapada was shut down for two weeks with bursitis and even David Robertson was having trouble getting loose the other day.

Here’s a tweet from a friend of mine that summarizes Spring Training so far:

Obviously, it’s better that the Yankees are getting all of these injuries out of the way in March but if this is a precursor to the regular season, I am crying, “Uncle!”

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3 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Another day, another Yankee injury

  1. we need a pic of that tweet. that's brilliant

    • srosegots

      You asked for it? You got it.

  2. Bill

    It's the curse of Kevin Youklis….

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