Yankees Scouting Rangers’ Exhibition Game

According to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, Yankee and Red Sox scouts are in attendance at today’s Rangers game. This builds upon the trade speculation, after we heard that a Ranger’s senior scout was in attendance to watch Joba Chamberlain.

Of the players that could be available, today’s game featured David Murphy, Mitch Moreland, Craig Gentry, Elvis Andrus, and Mike Olt (at third base). Geovany Soto is unlikely to play today, and for those wishing on Jurisckson Profar, he’s off to the WBC.

The Rangers don’t have a ton of depth in the outfield, so I don’t think David Murphy or Craig Gentry will be moved. Mitch Moreland makes sense at the moment, but his defense in right field is awful, and there’s no place to put him once Mark Teixeira returns. Mike Olt is still a possibility, but he only came into the game in the 6th inning.

For inquiring minds, the Red Sox, who are also scouting today’s game, have similar needs to the Yankees, as they’d like to acquire some depth in the outfield, as well as a possible corner infielder now that David Ortiz is facing setbacks.

Update: 6:30 PMKen Rosenthal reports that the Yankees are not interested in Craig Gentry. You can take him off the list of possible players that Cashman wants to put in pinstripes. He speculates that Cruz and Murphy could be targets, but if Texas is unwilling to trade Gentry for depth reasons, I don’t see why they’d trade one of their two best outfielders.

Update: 8:36 PMAccording to Jon Heyman, the Rangers will look to trade Elvis Andrus, assuming they can’t work out an extension. Heyman says that they’ll explore the market next season, but perhaps this is what all these Rangers rumors are about. I still don’t see how the Yankees will fit him on the team with Derek Jeter, but Andrus offers a clear upgrade defensively and a quality bat.

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11 thoughts on “Yankees Scouting Rangers’ Exhibition Game

  1. What about Kinsler? Rangers could move him to make room for Profar, Yankees could hypothetically use him at 3rd and in a corner outfield spot. It is obviously a long shot, but it makes about as much sense as Andrus.

    • They just extended Kinsler, who's under team control on a relatively cheap deal through 2018. Andrus is more likely, who becomes a free agent after 2014.

  2. Would love Andrus, but in an ideal world they would let DJ play out his contract and then go after Andrus as the next SS. If they picked him up now he would have to fit in with Jeter or possibly Cano in the middle infield.

    • We also don't know how well ARod can play the field in the future, or if he can play at all. Althought I don't think Andrus makes much sense unless the Yanks can sign him beyond 2014.

    • you serious? what's the problem with the Yankees acquiring a very good defender at shortstop and moving Jeter to third?

      • This was exactly what I was thinking. You'd end up with A-Rod and Jeter basically rotating from DH and third base but it could definitely work. If they make this trade, you'd better hope they throw the whole extension rule out the window like they did with Cano and lock Andrus up.

        I wonder what it would take to pull Andrus away. I'm thinking that the Rangers are expecting a huge haul but who else is really going to get in on the bidding at this time of year? Maybe the Cardinals?

  3. At some point the Yanks ought to sit down with the Captain and plan the future. Of course the Yanks want him to stay; that's not an issue. However, for the best long term interests of the club, what works? Perhaps if it was put to him in those terms, they can all come to consensus on how to build a consistent contender going forward. Elvis Andrus at SS and Derek Jeter at 3B is something to think about, with Alex Rodriguez as a full time DH, occasionally swapping with Jeter at third. Whatever is done has to be done with Alex in mind, since he's not going anywhere. You would hope that Jeter would possess a mind set that would insure the long term viability of the franchise. Can't expect that from A-Rod, since the Yankees would be best served by his disappearance, which isn't happening.

    • i agree totally 100 percent. get Andrus now, even if it is Joba and a prospect. Sign Andrus long term. We do not have a shortstop in our system even close to being major league ready. It would be in the best interests of the yankees and Jeter. We might even win the division with that move.

  4. Andrus would be great. I don't really see the logjam some are seeing because, realisticly, A-Rod is not coming back this year. If he does, it will be very late in the season and he can spell people at DH and 3B. If A-Rod returns, Youk will be gone next year (and so will Pronk) and A-Rod can DH full time (and play 3B occassionally to spell Andrus or Jeter there, depending on who makes the switch and when). While it's probably too late for Jeter to switch this year — can't teach and old dog new tricks so late in ST — Jeter should agree to switch in 2014.