Quick Hits: Olt, Diaz, Teixeira

Good morning Yankee fans and happy St. Patrick’s Day.

This morning, Nick Cafardo published some quotes from a scout about the Yankees’ situation with Joba Chamberlain. In short, the Yankees feel that they’ve developed him as far as they can, and they are looking to trade him for Mike Olt. Take this with a grain of salt. Obviously the Yankees will have to kick in another piece or two, but considering the Rangers and Yankees have been scouting each other for around a week now, it seems like this trade is a little more than speculation.

As the outfield situation begins to solidify, the Yankees released Matt Diaz this morning. Although he was limited to just 28 plate appearances, the 35 year old looked burnt out with only 5 singles and 1 walk this Spring. The team looks like they’ll roll the dice on Brennan Boesch in right field, and the fourth outfielder will probably come down to Melky Mesa or Ben Francisco, even though Thomas Neal has had the best offensive showing. Juan Rivera remains an option on the bench as well, but he’s being looked at as a first baseman while the team attempts to trade for a Teixeira replacement.

Speaking of the first baseman, Teixeira returned to Yankee camp this morning and spoke to the media. Still sporting a a brace on his wrist, he clarified that the injury was to a tendon sheath in his wrist, rather than a tendon itself. He also said that this isn’t an injury he could rush back from, and that May is the earliest he could return. It wouldn’t be surprising if Teixeira remains DL’d until June, since wrist injuries can linger.

The Yankees will take on the Pirates this afternoon on an untelevised game. Ivan Nova will take the mound behind this starting lineup. (via Chad Jennings)

Eduardo Nunez SS
Brennan Boesch RF
Kevin Youkilis 3B
Juan Rivera 1B
Jayson Nix 2B
Chris Stewart C
Thomas Neal LF
Dan Johnson DH
Melky Mesa CF

There were also a few side sessions and simulated bullpens today, of which Joba Chamberlain threw. You have to wonder if the Rangers were in-house to watch.

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27 thoughts on “Quick Hits: Olt, Diaz, Teixeira

  1. Hey, I read MLBTR, too!

    Did you click through to the actual Cafardo piece? Here's what it says:

    "Word that Texas has scouted him and that he would be available doesn’t come as a surprise to those in the Yankee organization who feel they’ve gone about as far as they can with him. “They would deal him in a heartbeat and then fill in with one of their starters in the bullpen,” said an AL scout. “If Texas would give up [Mike] Olt, a deal could get done there."

  2. The day Tex got injured, I commented that his injury would be found to be more serious and that he would never be back by May……now they are discussing season ending surgery. Dont expext Tex back before the All Star break…..(without surgery). And if he needs the knife, see you about this time next year, Tex.

  3. At this point I would welcome a Joba trade. What are we clinging to? It's clear that he will not be re-signed nor will he ever start for the Yankees. Right handed middle relievers are not that difficult to come by.

    On another note, if Mesa makes the team over Neal or Francisco I'll be convinced he has compromising photos of Girardi and Cashman.

    • we all have the photos and they're not really of much interest to the general public.

      Joba ain't a middle reliever, Nettie. and wouldn't be should Robertson or Rivera develop problems.

  4. I would totally make that trade if I were Texas and get Joba stretched out as a starter. He'd definitely go all CJ Wilson/Alexi Ogando given the chance and the Yankees front office would look like idiots. Then he'd get injured in the middle of the season. I mean, it's Joba.

    I honestly don't have a problem with Mesa making the team. None of the outfielders are going to be outstanding and at least they know they'd have one of the top 3 defensive outfields in the majors with Mesa patrolling center.

  5. I have to admit…I'm a little annoyed with Tex since spring training began….

    First he talks about how he is overpaid…..You bet your tendon Mark….Then to say you are getting old and you can't be expected to be as you were a few years ago…..What the hell? Mark you are 32 years old….Once again Scott Boras and his client shafted another team…..with a player who knows they are on the downside….

    Hey Mark, take your time getting back….You lazy dog……I tore my ACL, but I could not afford to take time off nor cover the surgery since I don't have healthcare….so I went back to my job…..You just stink……

    Go get your toenails painted……POS>>>

    • Does your job require performing physical tasks competitively against roughly the 900 best people in the world at that task?

      There is a big difference between alternating between sitting at a desk and on your couch than actually trying to hit a ball moving 95 miles per hour, sprinting, etc. I have a buddy who was in the marines and tore his ACL. It basically ended his physical career with them. He ended up with a desk job, PT duty basically gone, etc). Eventually he was discharged as he could not perform at the level they physically needed. So yeah, you don't need a 100% functioning knee to post crap on the internet but in certain professions, you do.

      The rest of your comment, whatever… all players age and decline. Everyone should have known this when he was signed. Most contracts are performance front loaded and pay back loaded, meaning the end of the contract is paying for the hopeful extra performance in the beginning. Considering what Tex did in 2009 and so far from there, I'd say that somewhat has worked out.

      • I agree, this guy was obviously just trolling. I thought it was a nice breath of fresh air to have Tex actually admit that he isn't that same guy before and has to adjust his game accordingly. It doesn't take much courage to sit around and tell reporters that you're still a perennial MVP candidate and that this is the year that it all comes back when that's clearly not the case.

        Also, I hope he remembers how much he doesn't like Tex as we're about to see just how important this version of Tex is to the lineup if he misses most of the year.

        • "a breath of fresh air"….really? What the hell is wrong with you? Tex ALWAYS looks for the easy way out….

          He did in CA and TX…….Know what you are talking about before opening up the hole under your nose….

          • Man, Tex must have kicked your dog or something for all the unreasonable hate you have directed at the guy. I have a hard time believing you're actually a professional football player for all the cheap shots you take at the guy. Maybe you just hate everybody who is successful because you aren't.

            Anyhow, Tex is still one of the 10 best first basemen in the league so yeah, he's going to be missed.

        • So you think Tex is a gamer???

          Please….If he stubbed his toe, he would be out for a month….MVP…….you must live in one of the marijuana legal states…..

          • Some guys just aren't good at staying healthy. It's obviously a skill that is incredibly underrated and Tex just doesn't have it. When he was healthy and put up a .308/.210/.552 line in 2008, that was definitely MVP quality

        • When a person is financially set for life and is finding reasons to explain why he will never be as good as he used to be, you know the desire is no longer there and it is the beginning of the end.

      • You miss the point my friend…..first off I am a lineman….My knees are my income….900 best best people in the world????? What are you smoking….? Do you think AROD is among the best?

        It all has to do with paying insane wages based on previous performance……

        Tex can pucker up and place one on my back side…..These SOB's have NO clue what it is to work….

        • Yes Arod is among the best in the world at hitting a ball and at handling one hit at him.

      • Yes sir, 120 games and a crappy batting average……well worth 22 million a year…

        Your crazy…

        • Its his fault someone offered him that money? I'm sure you'd turn down $22 million if a nut job owner got high on bath salts and offered you a contract. *rolls eyes*

          • of course we would all take it and very few would earn it but I would hope some of us would try to earn it and never stop during the contract. once you admit you cant do something it means you no longer have to try and can set a lower goal for yourself. Try to tell Jeter that he is to old to be worth his contract or lead the league in hits and I think you will get a different ans.