Late day Yankees news and notes: Yanks vs. Stubhub, Pettitte, Mo and Hughes

How’s your Monday going? It seems it’s not going so well for Stubhub. According to Eric Fisher of the Sports Business Journal the Yankees are suing the ticket outlet.

The Yankees really don’t like Stubhub at all, do they…

Anyway, as was reported earlier this winter, Stubhub was planning on opening a shop near Yankee Stadium this season so fans could print out the tickets they bought online since that option will no longer be available at the Stadium’s ticket offices. The Yankees seem to think that the shop will be violating the state’s scalping laws 1) by being within 1500 feet of Yankee Stadium and 2) they claim it’s a resale store which is why they’re suing.

An injunction hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.

This is what I don’t understand. The Yankees have an issue with Stubhub because they believe the outlet is undermining the team by selling tickets lower than the Yankees box office, right? Okay. But haven’t those tickets already been sold? For example, if I were to sell two of my Sunday tickets on Stubhub, the money for the tickets is already lining the Yankees’ pockets because of the ticket package I bought over the winter. So, what the hell is their problem? Seriously.

It also bugs me that the Yankees seem to be against low prices on Stubhub – one time my brother purchased tickets for a midweek night game for $6 – but they don’t seem to have any issue with the fact that I was shut out of getting a seat for Opening Day in 2012 because people had the audacity to list upper deck seats for $300.

Look, I can go on and on about this whole thing for hours, so I won’t, but this whole situation reeks of Randy Levine’s smarminess and it seems slightly ridiculous to me. The Yankees as an organization are not doing themselves any favors this year as it is and the news of them being this petty by suing Stubhub just adds to the madness.

Okay, onto better stuff!

Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera pitched in minor league games today and both of them did well. They also didn’t tweak any of their bodies, that we know of, which makes today extremely successful.

Pettitte pitched 5.2 innings against the High-A club and allowed two runs on eight hits, didn’t issue a walk and struck out seven. He threw around 80 pitches and will probably get into the 90-95 in his next outing.

Rivera pitched against Low-A kids and threw two innings for a total of 31 pitches. Mo struck out four.

When asked why he pitched two innings Mo said, “I wanted to stretch it out a little bit. I was here, so why not? It’s a beautiful day.”

I mentioned it earlier but Phil Hughes also pitched today in a simulated game. The Yankees are aiming for an April 7 return barring any setbacks. They also expect Hughes to pitch in a minor league game this Saturday.

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5 thoughts on “Late day Yankees news and notes: Yanks vs. Stubhub, Pettitte, Mo and Hughes

  1. Ridiculous how much our team gets away with. They abuse us as fans, and we allow it. Oh well, what are we gonna do? Root for the Mets? Pssshh

  2. This StubHub situation sounds shitty, and regardless of appearances, big corporations have only one rule: Make as much money as possible. If they do something that looks generous, it not. It's just what they feel they have to do to make more money.

    However, with the team getting worse, and StubHub all but out of the picture, there will be more empty seats. As that continues to happen, maybe the Yankees will smarten up a bit.

  3. Thing is, no reason to smarten up – Stacey makes a point – the ticket she buys (or sells) has already been sold by the Yankees. But – every ticket sold by Stubhub is potentially another ticket NOT sold by the Evil Empire. Their thinking has to be that they'd rather have an empty seat (the already "sold" ticket that isn't resold) if that means they can sell another seat at full pop.

    I really don't have a dog in this pony show – I've never BEEN to New York City – although if I ever did make it out there, I sure would be TRYING to score one of those $6 tickets.

  4. Most resold tickets are season tickets. They usually include some percentage off of 81 individual tickets, and they come with only one service fee, not one per game. Also, some of the people who buy season tickets are expecting to resell tickets for unwanted games at 50% or 25% of face value, not for couple bucks. Finally, people who buy season packages are aware that some people will get to see many games at fraction of the price they paid, the question is what is the price point when they decide that they shouldn't buy season tickets.
    All of those are good arguments that really low resell prices may hurt teams.
    Add to that that StubHub is so designed (read about it, I don't have first-hand experience) that it is very easy to leave settings which would dynamically lower price to a few bucks several hours before the game, and changing them to stop lowering price at $15 or $20 requires some work, it's easy to see why Yankees think they would get better prices with other resellers.