Quick Hit: Jeter scratched from the lineup

Derek Jeter was supposed to bat second and play shortstop in this afternoon’s game against the Phillies but he has been scratched from the lineup.

The cause? His ankle is feeling a bit stiff.

It happens. I broke an ankle 17 years ago and it still bothers me from time to time and I’m not a professional athlete and it was not surgically repaired. I really don’t think this is a cause for alarm.


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4 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Jeter scratched from the lineup

  1. jay_robertson

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    • srosegots


  2. hawaii dave

    It may not be cause for alarm….but it ain't cause to jump for joy either.

    • Stacey Gotsulias

      I know but people are flipping out already when it could just normal stiffness/soreness from the fact that he’s only been cleared to play for a couple of weeks and it – the ankle – needs some time to get used to that.

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