Rangers Not Trading Andrus

Despite Jon Heyman’s report that the Rangers were planning to trade their short stop Elvis Andrus, GM Jon Daniels says otherwise.

Last week, we found out that the Rangers were scouting Joba Chamberlain. We know that a Yankee scout attended last Thursday’s Rangers game, which narrows down a  trade to a few possible players. David Murphy, Mitch Moreland, Craig Gentry, Elvis Andrus, and Mike Olt all played. Since then, we’ve learned that the Yankees have no interest in Gentry, and that Andrus is not available. The Rangers probably can’t afford trading away Murphy, and at this point it looks like discussions were likely around either Moreland or Olt.

On Monday, in an interview with Mike Francesa, Brian Cashman said that he does not have any trades brewing at the moment, but is looking thoroughly into options in other camps.

Chamberlain is getting a lot of playing time of late, throwing one high-leverage at bat (strikeout looking) yesterday, and a 9 pitch 1-2-3 inning today where his fastball sat at 96 mph. On the Ranger’s front, the organization optioned down Mike Olt to Triple-A this week, which sets up Mitch Moreland as the starting first baseman. The Rangers don’t seem to be too enamored with Baseball America’s #22 prospect this year, considering they’ve been including him in trade proposals as recently as a month ago. All signs point to Olt as the main target here, but there’s no telling what it would cost outside of Chamberlain.

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7 thoughts on “Rangers Not Trading Andrus

  1. I don't really agree with the idea that the Rangers aren't enamored with Olt just because they were willing to trade him for Justin Upton. I think that most Yankee fans would have given up any Yankee prospect in a deal for Upton.

    However desirable adding Olt to the system might be, I'm not sure he's really the answer to providing an early season, short term Tex replacement. He still hasn't played in AAA at all and hasn't done much to suggest he should skip AAA either in his September callup or spring training performance. So I'm guessing he's not really the target if there even is one.

  2. I'm thinking that they may be looking at Olt as 3b in the future. I agree, he probably isn't MLB ready, but we are old and fragile at the hot corner and need youthful power bats in the worst way. If this is a lost season (I think the jury is still out on that) I think trading bullpen depth for young hitters make a lot of sense for 2014 and beyond.

  3. Olt would be a terrific pickup for the Yankees bc they are in transition. As Jeter, Granderson, Ichiro, ARod are phased out in the next few years the Yankees will be relying on their farm system to fill in the gaps. Getting an Olt would be great, not for this year, but for next year. What I dont get is when people talk about acquiring Andrus they ask "can he play 3rd?" No hes a 2 time asll star and one of if not the best defensive shortstop in the AL all at 24. Whats wrong with asking a 39 year old coming off a broken ankle who hasnt been strong defensively to move to third? If its ego than really somone needs to get over it. The way this Yankee season is shaping up itll take all hands on deck just to make the playoffs. Sacrifice for the team

    • well 1. i really dont see the rangers hand delivering the yankees the long term replacement to jeter so easily…

      2. he's 38, not 39… small difference but can we please stop adding imaginary years these guys are old enough lol

      3. what could possible go wrong with asking someone to learn a new position in ten days

      • Yeah I know its not happening. But when people talk about acquiring Andrus they act as if he is the one who should be moved off shortstop. Ridiculous

  4. This is all a load of junk by Gammons. Just about every player is open for trade–who doesn't have a no-trade clause. It is all about the return. Andrus is NOT going to stay in Texas. With Profar chomping at the bit, Andrus is expendable. He has 2 more years left at a low price so the Rangers can get a decent swap for him. Not sure the Yanks, though, have the pieces unless they deal pitching which they shouldn't. Cards might gobble him up though before the break as long as Profar is doing well in AAA.

  5. Here, let's try it this way. Consider the three-year averages of these four right-handed relievers:

    Player A (29): 64.1 IP, 63 H, 4 HR, 19 BB, 47 K, 3.71 ERA
    Player B (27): 40.1 IP, 40 H, 4 HR, 12 BB, 41 K, 4.01 ERA
    Player C (29): 56 IP, 56 H, 7 HR, 11 BB, 37 K, 3.38 ERA
    Player D (30): 67 IP, 62 H, 7 HR, 29 BB, 54 K, 3.95 ERA

    Players B, C, and D all have one year of team control remaining; Player A has two. All four players are signed for less than $2 million, although within that bracket, Player B is the most expensive and Player D is the least.

    All four pitchers, it seems to me, have something that you could argue makes them the best choice on this list. Pitcher A has given up the fewest home runs and has an extra year of team control. Pitcher B has the best strikeout rate. Pitcher C has the best ERA. Pitcher D has been the most durable. But really, all four of these guys are pretty similar, right?

    One of these guys is Joba Chamberlain. The others are Matt Capps (currently on an NRI with the Indians), Matt Albers (who's been traded three times, twice as a throw-in and once for the immortal Craig Breslow), and Burke Badenhop (who was just traded for nonprospect Raul Mondesi, Jr.).

    So there's your Joba Chamberlain list of comparables: Badenhop, Capps, and Albers. Tell me again how Joba is going to be the centerpiece of a Mike Olt (or Elvis Andrus, or any other real player) trade?