Your daily Derek Jeter injury update

Derek Jeter is done with Grapefruit League play.

Yankees’ General Manager Cashman said that Jeter won’t play in another big league spring game and that he’ll only play minor league games so he can be back-dated on disabled list, if needed. So they don’t even know if a DL stint is even in the cards, so to speak. Cashman added, “I think we need to preserve the ability to back-date him in the event that he’s not going to make it.”

If Jeter starts season on DL, the stint would be back dated to March 22 which means he’d be eligible to play April 6 and would only miss the first four games of the season.

[Cashman quotes courtesy of nearly every Yankee beat writer on Twitter]

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One thought on “Your daily Derek Jeter injury update

  1. The Yankees should get Ronny Cedeno. There is really no risk. They could sign him for next to nothing, money wise, he can play all four infield positions if needed, he bats well when stressed to be selective at the plate, and he will be a nice trade chip after the Yankees are done with him. We're is the downside? I see none. Do you really want to see Nunez play short?