Hughes likely to join Jeter on DL to open season

This certainly seems like the place to be, doesn’t it?

Phil Hughes, who will pitch in a Minor League game today, seems likely to begin the year on the DL. Girardi wouldn’t commit to it, though.

— Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) March 22, 2013

Seems that Hughes will join his buddy Derek Jeter on the pine to start the season, at least.

h/t HBT

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8 thoughts on “Hughes likely to join Jeter on DL to open season

  1. I suggested that you and Stacey make that a sticky – maybe right below the iiatms masthead – that way, we can all see if there's good or bad news at a glance.

    • Although – I guess it could be tough to keep accurate. I just saw that Rapada is "likely" to go on the DL. But where would you put that on your days without injury?

      oh well.

  2. "Boesch reportedly scratched with a sore rib cage" from Lohud.

    Does this put us in negative numbers, or just reset back to Zero?