Yankees DL’d payroll would rank 17th *UPDATED*

DL Payroll-1

UPDATE @ 5PM: Jeff Passan, a fellow ‘Cuse fan and FOTB, was good enough to email me some updated numbers. No change to the #17 ranking, but some fine-tuning is always welcomed. Thank you, Jeff.


I was goofing around in some prior comments earlier today, so rather than guess, I actually took some time to actually research…

Using estimated projected 2013 Team Salary info via Yahoo! Sports and individual salaries from Cot’s, the Yankees-who-are-expected-to-open-the-season-on-the-DL would rank #17 in MLB in terms of Salary:

Assuming I didn’t miss anyone (and note I did not include any performance bonuses), the Yanks would slot in quite nicely behind the <s>Diamondbacks</s> Orioles and ahead of Atlanta.

And if you simply subtract, for the sake of a simplified math exercise, that $88M from their projected spend of $210M, you are talking a season-opening team salary total of $122M, which would rank #8, just ahead of the Rangers. In other words, no crying in baseball. No crying for the Yanks.


UPDATE: In more salary news, Vernon Wells is heading to the Bronx. Just in case you’re keeping score, Wells’ infamous, and once thought of as immovable contract, has now been moved twice. Maybe because Teix’s DL’d bill is being paid by the WBC…? Otherwise, just awful.


Team, ’13 payroll estimate (in $M)

  1. Dodgers $214
  2. Yankees $211
  3. Phillies $158
  4. Red Sox $154
  5. Angels $148
  6. Tigers $148
  7. Giants $140
  8. Rangers $121
  9. White Sox $118
  10. Blue Jays $115
  11. Cardinals $115
  12. Nationals $115
  13. Cubs $104
  14. Reds $101
  15. Mets $91
  16. Orioles $89
  17. Yankees on DL $88
  18. Braves $88
  19. Diamondbacks $87
  20. Mariners $83
  21. Twins $80
  22. Royals $79
  23. Rockies $78
  24. Indians $77
  25. Brewers $76
  26. Pirates $67
  27. Padres $64
  28. Rays $61
  29. Athletics $60
  30. Marlins $46
  31. Astros $25

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17 thoughts on “Yankees DL’d payroll would rank 17th *UPDATED*

  1. Thanks, Jason. Good to know that they guys who ARE playing are still getting paid more than the entire Rangers team.

    Wow – something to be said for NOT constructing your team around expensive free agents. I noticed that CC alone makes almost as much as the Astros; as does A-Rod. Which doesn't make a lot of sense – since surrounding either of those guys with 25 AAA players would have a hard time beating even the Astros.

    Oh well – fun chart, fun numbers to play with. Thanks again.

  2. Jason, not sure but I think the number for Tex is off by about $5MM +/-. Not that it makes a significant difference.

  3. BTW, off topic but anyone explain to me how a professional team can make a total of 39 errors. I don't care if the Yankees played all Class A players that's a pathetic number.

    • Oh I should add contrary to popular belief or what some of you may think Nunez did NOT commit all 39 errors to date.

  4. What about the Mets? They might start with Santana, Wright, Francisco and Murphy on the DL. That should bring their active roster to below $30 million. Times they are a changing here in New York.

    • Saying the Mets payroll is 91 million is also pretty optimistic. Even if you count all deferred money as being applied this year, which is probably the correct assumption to make, I don't think it goes above 70 million. Probably closer to 60 million. Wright- 11. Santana- 25. Buck- 6. Francisco- 6.5. Marcum- 4. Davis- 3. Niese- 3. Murphy- 3. Parnell- 2. Lyon- 1. Bay is 8, I think. So that is 69 right there. Everyone else is league minimum, roughly, so that is 76. Even if you throw in Bobby Bonilla and Carlos Beltran, that is only another 7 millionish, so that is 83 million. Now if you subtract the deferred money, which is 3 from Wright and 5 from Santana, that drops down to 75. Ish.

      • Probably and possibly true, but I wasn't doing hard core analysis into each team's numbers. They were provided by Jeff Passan at Yahoo!, and that's good enough for me and this little exercise.

        • I understand, I'm just trying to say the Mets payroll is insanely low right now. Even by basic baseball standards, let alone New York sports standards. Their payroll hasn't been this low since the 90s.

        • No disrespect to Passan, but B-R.com does a great job keep track of payrolls now, and there numbers are probably a little bit more accurate. For example, they correctly have Granderson's 2013 salary at $15 million. Also, for a more fair comparison, it probably would be better to use AAV instead of actual salary this year, but that doesn't change the point: the Yankees have a lot of expensive injuries, which is something Hal Steinbrenner doesn't seem to realize when he talks about the team's payroll.

      • You have to add in Santana's 5.5 M buy out on top of his 25m salary. But, yeah, they are basically operating like the Royals right now. Their only commitments for 2014 are D Wright and Niese. So, it'll be interesting to see if they break out the checkbook next winter.

        • Buyouts are not paid in the final year of the contract. Buyouts are prorated over the length of the contract. So his buyout is 5.5m and contract is 6 years. 5.5 / 6 = .91m per year. Their commitments for 2014 are a bit more than Wright and Niese. They also have Bay, Beltran, Bonilla, and a few other contracts to pay for (which amounts to over 10 million). Then, in 2015, they have to start paying Santana again. In 2015 they will have something like 12 million dollars in deferred money to pay out, and it will continue that way for a few years, when Beltran finally comes off the payroll, and drops to the 6 million or so until 2022, which is right around when they start paying Wright his deferred money.

          Right now the Mets are paying something like 13-14 million dollars to outfielders who aren't even in the organization, meanwhile spending something like 2 million on "outfielders" (one is an infielder) who are actually playing outfield for the team. Think about that.

          • I meant on the roster. No one under contract next year other wright and Niese, which is just amazing. They're like an nba team trying to get under the cap.

            Have the details of the bay buy out been published? I'm note sure how much of that was pushed off from this year to next. Either way, they have very little money committed for next year. If management is willing to have payroll at the very reasonable 100m level, they will have tons to spend. Alderson has done a real nice job cleaning up that mess.

          • Only rumors have come out, I haven't been able to find anything even remotely official. I've heard they dropped to 8 million this season and the other 13 million or so is somehow spread out over the next few years.

    • He's only making $0.6-0.5M and I didn't include him intentionally as he wasn't expected to be on the Opening Day roster anyways. His 2013 salary would not have been material for this "analysis", but thanks for bringing it up!