Updated (Again): Vernon Wells looks to be headed to the Bronx

What in the world is going on this year?

Everyone joked that 2012 was “the end times” and nearly everything that occurred, no matter what it was, was turned into an apocalypse joke – and I’ll admit I made my fair share of them – but my goodness, does it seem like we were all off a year?

Check out these tweets by Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports:

Vernon Wells? Really?

Is this rock bottom? Please tell me it is because I’m not sure I can take much more.

UPDATE 4:27pm:

UPDATE 7:21pm:

UPDATE 8:00pm:
The Yankees will indeed pay $13 million of the $42 million owed through 2014. This seems incredibly high considering the type of player Wells has been over the last 6 years. There’s still very little we know about the deal, so I’ll hold off on the analysis until we get more information.

UPDATE 8:20pm:
Joel Sherman adds that the Yankees will pay the majority of the $13 million in 2013, in order to save money on the budget in 2014.

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98 thoughts on “Updated (Again): Vernon Wells looks to be headed to the Bronx

  1. I've been a Brian Cashman supporter for a long time, but the Yankees should start to consider other options if this was his idea.

      • Again, I don't like this deal. But as been pointed out, it's not our money. What other OFer should we get for $6.5 AAV, but where the $13m doesn't effect 2014?

        It's a 'money only' deal on a Flat FA market.
        I don't know if this helps the team at all, but it doesn't hurt it.
        They can DFA Wells in 2014 if necessary.
        IF he does help this year, who cares what he costs?
        If the Yanks are wiling to throw away some $$$ THIS year…. who cares?
        It's 2014 where dollars count.

        • Two points:

          1. It's only Joel Sherman reporting that the dollars don't count towards 2014, and I'm skeptical about that. MLBTR is reporting that the spread would be even, which is consistent with everything I've read about the CBA.

          2. Of *course*, in some sense, it's "our" money — we *know* the Yankees have a budget. We've seen them pass on players that would improve the team to comply with that budget. Every dollar spent comes *out* of that budget. So, bottom line is that dollars spent stupidly directly affect the team on the field.

  2. So let me get this straight: Fans on here are pissed that the Yanks are getting a right handed bat with power who still plays solid D for money only (no trade of prospects) who is coming over for 6.5 per year for 2 years and will likely DH after June when Granderson comes back. Um. Ok. Not sure why people are pissed. In hindsight, yeah the money could have gone to another player back in December but who would have predicted that on March 25th the Yanks would be down Tex and Grandy. Hindsight is a nice theory but pretty stupid in reality. If someone can a name a player who has power potential with solid D that the Yanks could have gotten recently without losing prospects I am all ears.

    • I am definitely one for letting the younger guys play here but clearly the Yanks didn't feel that any of the outfield prospects was ready to assume a role or that they didn't want said prospect sitting on the pine most of the season for DH duties when they could be playing every day in the minors.

  3. Also, it's not like it requires psychic powers to predict that old players get hurt. A-Rod and Jeter were hurt back in December, and pretty much everyone here (at the old IIATMS, that is) was clamoring for depth back then. This isn't hindsight bias; it's the directly observable consequences of an old team with little depth.

    • The whole "they're an old team" mantra has been overplayed for years and years.

      Injuries happen. Tex and Granderson aren't especially old players. Granderson's injury had absolutely nothing to do with his age.

      It's not feasible to have great backups at every spot. Last spring, most everyone here was bemoaning the fact that old-guy Raul Ibanez was going to have to play the outfield. That situation of course was due to an injury to the YOUNGEST regular on the team.

        • Where did I say that they weren't an old team?

          They are an old team. They were old in 2000 when they won their 3rd ring in 4 years. I've heard "the yankees are old" virtually every season since then. If you win when you're old, you're "experienced", "crafty" or "savvy". If you win when you're young, you're "vibrant" or "just having fun". The same goes for losing. It's a worn-out cliche.

          • No one is saying "old team = bad." What we're saying is, "old team = injury-prone," therefore, you ought to have contingency plans in place so you don't have to make a desperation deal for a player like Vernon Wells.

          • Granderson and Teixeira aren't especially old. Granderson was hit with a pitch. That did not happen because he was "old".

            Old teams are more likely to get hurt, but that's not exactly what has happened to the Yankees so far this spring. Contingency plans are great, but there's also reality. The reality of losing 2 key guys in spring training is harsh for anyone, regardless of their payroll or their lack of off-season spending.

  4. Yanks are doing all they can to try and make the 13 mil to Youkliss look good. In contrast this helps.