Quick hits: On Jeter’s ankle and Mariano’s headaches

So it looks like Derek Jeter will not be playing for the next two days and it looks more likely that he will begin the season on the disabled list.

Personally, I’m relieved. With the way people were reacting to the anticipation of Brian Cashman discussing the injury this morning, you’d have thought Jeter’s ankle had fallen off his leg.

It didn’t. Yet.

And as for Mariano Rivera, he’s been diagnosed with migraines.

The first headache surfaced two weeks ago and Mariano Rivera described it as more than the garden variety discomfort that two aspirin could make disappear.

“It was severe,’’ Rivera told The Post yesterday morning in a George M. Steinbrenner Field dugout.

Cashman said the Yankees weren’t frightened by the diagnosis and that Rivera has been following the proper protocol.

With the way this year has gone so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mo’s eyes didn’t pop out of his head sometime soon.

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6 thoughts on “Quick hits: On Jeter’s ankle and Mariano’s headaches

  1. Maybe, if the press would stop reporting every time a Yankee gets a boo boo or an ouchie, fans would stop obsessing about it. It's getting beyond ridiculous now. Brett Gardner gets food poisoning, it's banner news. Mo gets migraines, it's a national crisis. Pretty soon we'll be hearing how some Yankee is suffering from the heartbreak of psoriasis. or is secretly being treated for hemorrhoids. Enough already!

  2. Maybe Brian Cashman, as the George Plimpton of our era, can play short. Anyway, to paraphrase George W. Bush, "You're doing a hell of a job, Nunie."

  3. Concerning? Ehh I mean not really. But its amazing how this team is literally falling apart. I have a question…why arent the Yankees trying to trade for arlos Pena on the Astros? He wouldnt cost much bc hes their backup at 1st behind Brett Wallace. Hes awesome defensively which Juan Rivera most certainly is not. Hes got a lot of pop in his swing and walks a lot. I know his average is crap but I think he would be a good low risk high reward move. Besides Juan Rivera is a better platoon candidate than everyday player. Just an idea.

    Or Daric Barton from the A's would be a great pickup who wont cost much. Just a thought

  4. Laugh all you want – I'D be worried. Especially if the migranes have just started, more or less out of the blue. Our lead singer suffers – he can't perform during an attack; I would imagine trying to deal in a tight 9th inning would be an order of magnitude (or two) worse.

    Especially since there aren't many legal things that can even touch one.