Today’s Yankees and Rays lineups and some Jeter news

Via Bryan Hoch:

Desmond Jennings CF
Kelly Johnson 2B
Ben Zobrist DH
Matt Joyce RF
Shelley Duncan 1B
Yunel Escobar SS
Ryan Roberts 3B
Jose Molina C
Sean Rodriguez LF

Jeremy Hellickson RHP

Brett Gardner CF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Kevin Youkilis 3B
Travis Hafner DH
Juan Rivera 1B
Ben Francisco LF
Francisco Cervelli C
Jayson Nix 2B

Adam Warren RHP

Derek Jeter will not play in a Minor League game today. He’s sore and GM Brian Cashman will be addressing the media within the hour.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi has said that he needs to see Jeter play in back-to-back games without soreness in his surgically repaired left ankle before the team would seriously consider having him on the Opening Day roster.

Oh boy.

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9 thoughts on “Today’s Yankees and Rays lineups and some Jeter news

  1. uyf1950

    I think we are starting to see over the past few days the line up Girardi is favoring when the real season begins. Of course there will be some minor adjustments obviously Jeter. Just my opinion.

  2. uyf1950

    Looks like Nunes is making a case for himself for staying with the Yankees as the DH/utility infielder even if Jeter is ready to resume full time baseball activities. Hit hit a triple today.

  3. Michael

    Nunez should definitely be staying with the big league club. Jeter should be DH'd against lefties when he returns to keep him healthy and his bat in the lineup. Is it just me or is anyone else feeling optimistic about Francisco Cervelli? I think hes going to do better than most people think. Not all star status but hes been really impressing me defensively. Im liking him a lot

    • uyf1950

      I agree about Crevelli. I think he'll do just fine. Yankee fans I think are underestimating him.

      • Michael

        If he hits within his career line of .271 .339 OPS .692 and throw out 40% of baserunners than I would be very happy. Who wouldnt sign up for that right now?

  4. Michael

    Im not on board with the idea of letting Vidal Nuno break camp with the major league club in the bullpen. I think hes looked much better as a starter showcasing better control and a wider array of pitches than in the pen. Im a Nuno fan and think he could be a useful back of the rotation piece, but he needs time to warm up doesnt have oerpowering stuff. He keeps hitters off balance with his location, chang of speeds and movement. If they want another lefty in the pen since Rapada (and Logan?) will be starting off on the DL then why not Cesar Cabral or Francisco Rondon?

    • uyf1950

      Cabral is still rehabbing probably won't be available until the beginning of May. Just my opinion but I'm not overly impressed by Rondon even as a LOOGY

      • Michael

        Well all he would be expected to do is fill in for Rapada who is a true LOOGY. But I just dont like the idea of using a guy who could be a potential starter for this team this year and purposely regressing his development to throw him in the pen when there are plenty of good bullpen options already available. I thought Shawn Kelly was kind of a lock to make the roster after they traded for him. He had a good year last year. I thought the pen would be:


        Since Rapada is hurt who are the candidates the Yankees are considering?

        • uyf1950

          Well I think you really need to pencil in Phelps long term. Because even if Hughes misses his first start which I'm not sure is a certainty yet he should be back with the team by April 6 or so. And even though I don't agree with this train of thinking for that first week or 2 the Yankees could always go with Warren. In any case we'll find out in just about 1 week.

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