Quick hit: Pineda to face live batters in two weeks

Via Chad Jennings of the Lohud Yankees Blog:

Continuing his progress from last year’s shoulder surgery, Michael Pineda is scheduled to throw a 45-pitch bullpen tomorrow. He’s not sure how hard he’s been throwing the ball, but he said he’s felt no discomfort, his command has been “perfect” and Pineda said coaches hav told him he looks good and strong. He’s seemed encouraged every step along the way.

Pineda said the next significant step comes in two weeks when he’s scheduled to throw live batting practice for the first time.

I don’t know about you but I feel like doing a jig or maybe some backflips. I like good news so hopefully we’ll keep getting it from Yankees camp.

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14 thoughts on “Quick hit: Pineda to face live batters in two weeks

  1. Best news I've heard in days. Seriously. I hope like hell this kid can TAKE HIS TIME and recouperate without pressure and without a radar gun in sight. Would be a very welcome addition to see him in July or August.

    All you Negative Nancies can eat dirt!!!

    bloggy blog blog.

    • I said it last year but I really felt like certain people obsessing over his velocity during Spring Training played a part in his getting injured.

      I won't name names ANDREW MARCHAND but yeah, it was irritating and I hope ANDREW MARCHAND doesn't repeat the same nonsense this year.

      • Pineda was and will be an albatross…..THE ONLY THING GOING FOR HIM is his age…..

        Shoulder surgery is not at all near the success rate of Tommy John surgery…..

        Pineda will be out of baseball by 2014 and getting drunk in Tampa on a consistent basis.

        Idiot shows up last year like an over blown ballon….To hell with Pineda….

          • Sorry there are huge "soft" costs..Rehab, surgery, loss of revenue…..

            You need a lesson in GM 101 before you post….

            And I am not even counting lost added value to Pineda…..

          • Yeah, of course, you were making a nuanced point about "soft costs." How silly of me. Is every single person that goes on the DL an "albatross?" Because if not, I don't know how you consider Pineda one. I stand by my point. Sorry I hurt your feelings. But the fact is, he's on his rookie deal still, and therefore costing us less than almost anyone else on the roster. Montero isn't exactly lighting the world on fire, could never be a full-time catcher, and our DH situation is complicated, accounted for, and getting more crowded. If Pineda is out of baseball by next season I'll eat my hat. More likely he'll be in the starting rotation. But who knows.

    • The Yankees have zero choice in saying anything other that Pineda is ahead of schedule….

      I'm waiting for the Yankees to report that Pineda picked his nose using both simultaneously and that he has not been able to do that since the first half of 2011…

      Don't you get it? It is all about blowing smoke up other teams skirts to increase Pineda's marketability.

      Nothing more…..Don't get sucked into this b.s.

  2. Great great news. Now I know how the winner of that $338MM Powerball drawing yesterday felt when he saw the news.

    BTW, thank God I'm glad this wasn't another piece on Wells.

    • It’s definitely great news, and I’m hoping Pineda comes back, for the Yankees’ sake and for his own, but I would sell his arm and 53% of my liver for $338 million.

  3. The Yankees can possibly already come out on top of the Montero trade if he continues to struggle this year while Pineda returns at the All Star break to pitch a .500 Yankees team into the playoffs. Meanwhile Campos tears up Charleston the 1st half of 2013 and then torches in Tampa the 2nd half.

    I just got new glasses this weekend. I don't know if you can tell, but they are rose-colored. I like the Sox fan's approach who commented in the Vernon Wells thread: expectations for a playoff run will not be there this year with so many injuries. On the other hand, since we're not expecting much at this point, they can always pleasantly surprise us by slipping into the playoffs.

    But it is almost as likely to be a long season where they aren't even close to competing as they are to make the playoffs. Does Jeter's ankle stiffness linger the entire season so he can't get back to his old self? Does Tex never make it back into the lineup or if he does, is only as effective as the Juan RIvera/Dan Johnson combo that replaced him? Hughes' bulging discs never calm down enough for him to stick in the rotation this year? Grandy's forearm injury saps a little of his power to make his feast or famine approach worth less than 2 fWAR this year? Ichiro reverts back to his crappy version like his last 2 years of Seattle? Pineda suffers a setback with his shoulder rehab?

    I am just as prepared for the above trainwreck as a 92 win team that wins the division. Though 92 wins does seem way less likely at this point now. What probably winds up happening is something in between, and this team is still in position to make a run for 1 of the wild cards if they can keep close enough til Sept. I'm assuming they can tread water til the All Star break and then get A-Rod and Tex back, maybe with Pineda as an added bonus. I'm assuming Grandy can make it back fine from a broken forearm and give 3-4 fWAR (I know, a bit optimistic). If Hughes can't ever shake his back issues this year, I'm not so worried as Phelps or Wang should be capable of holding down the 5th spot. I'm assuming CC, Pettitte, and Kuroda are all solid at the top. I'm all in on Nova's new arm motion because I love .gifs, and saying he edges out Alex Cobb as the best #4 starter in the AL east this year and the x-factor that keeps the team afloat until the cavalry comes at the all star break.

    But mainly I just want to still be in it at the all star break. So my glasses are helping with that right now.

    • This sounds half-blasphemous, but whether they're in it of out of it at the ASB, I want it to be definite one way or the other. I wouldn't like to see them in some sort of limbo where they could maybe possibly make a run at one of the wildcards. I have nightmares of them trading off Montgomery or Ramirez or one of the Tampa Quadrilateral of Awesomeness for some pieces that will help them fall just short of a wildcard berth.

      • Oh no. My glasses just got a little dirty, Matt. I believe you are correct sir, that would be the worst outcome for this season. If they're on the edge, just go to war with what you have and see if the guys come back from injury. Please don't sell off 1 of those 6 to maybe make the playoffs. Hurry up and delete your comment Matt before Randy and Hank see it!

  4. Good news on Pineda. The pitching should be stellar this year, having Pineda ready to go at some point this season would be icing on the cake. There is no rush, so hopefully they take it slow and don't force anything.

    Also glad to see Wang back in the fold, hope he does well. He's worked hard at coming back and it would be good to see him rewarded.