Game Thread: Yankees vs. Astros 3/26/13

Greetings everyone!

I know it’s still only Spring Training but I figured since the game is a night game, we’d do a game thread. The game is on YES for the tri-staters and it’s on MLB Network for people in Houston.

Here’s the Yankees lineup:

Brett Gardner CF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Kevin Youkilis 3B
Travis Hafner DH
Vernon Wells LF
Juan Rivera 1B
Eduardo Nunez SS
Chris Stewart C

LHP CC Sabathia

This lineup is so strange, isn’t it?

Notes from the Lohud Yankees blog:

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34 thoughts on “Game Thread: Yankees vs. Astros 3/26/13

  1. Adams news is kind of unexpected, but he'll be 26 without a ounce of experience over Double-A. It's too bad he couldn't stay healthy.

  2. Just saying hello to everyone….FROM Houston! Since this is a ST game, is there some limit on the # of comments?

  3. Mistake on the secondary lineup…

    Jerry Kenney 3rd base
    John Ellis 1st base
    Jake Gibbs Catcher
    Elliot Maddox CF
    Roy White LF
    Oscar Gamble RF
    Steve Sax 2nd
    Fred Stanley SS
    Freddy Beane P

    I'm really surprised that this site is not up to date….

  4. Nice throw by Stewart. I really want to see the Yankees become a tough team to run on.

  5. Sabathia getting beaten up. That’s bad news. Everyone knows that if he gives up even so much as one run this entire season the Yankees are dead.

  6. Wells popped up on a pitch he probably shouldn’t have swung at, but his bat at least seems quick…

  7. Even though he was CS, I liked Gardner running on the 1st pitch. It seems too often he waits forever before taking off.

  8. One good thing about ST games, no Michael Kay. Have any other teams let an announcer go? Maybe the Yanks could pick one up from the scape heap!

    • If I was in charge of hiring and firing at YES I would fire Kay in a heartbeat like I'd fire EVERYONE at WFAN if I was made station manager. Kay is a smug, stuckup, arrogant ass who ALWAYS takes shots at Yankee fans and talks about them as if they're the idiots and he isn't an idiot when he's the idiot. His histironics are annoying and half the time he literally whines while calling the game. I just don't understand why they have a guy who's never done any kind of physical activity in his life from the looks of him call games among actual MLB players/athletes.

      I'd love to see YES fire him at 9am Monday and ESPN Radio fire him by 5pm that day. He has made his millions, probably owns his own house by now, and could probably retire today if he wanted. Time to do overnight at WFAN once a week Mike.

  9. Strange. I can see Phil C.’s comment in the column on the right, but not here under the comments.

    Kay did a game or two, but not most of them. He’s as annoying as usual on his afternoon show. Today he interviewed Hal Steinbrenner. Made my blood boil.

  10. He has a newborn at home so I'm sure he worked something out with the Yankees so he's not away from her too much.

    • Oh God expect at least three innings worth of him babbling on about his wife and newborn this year.

      I think YES should go with all baseball minds starting with Jack Curry in place of Kay and the return of Jim Kaat even if for only series in cities his home is close to.

      Curry, Kaat, Singleton, Leiter, O'Neill, Cone, and even throw in Lorenz who was actually better than I expected him to be in the rare times he was in the booth.

  11. Again, the column on the right says Stacey made a comment 10 minutes ago, but I can’t see it here.

  12. The site is acting a little wonky this week. Apparently, it's excited the season is almost upon us.

    • I guess the site needs spring training to tune up, too.

      Hey, I just noticed the 55p next to your handle. Hovering over it, I find it’s your reputation score. I didn’t realize you had a reputation.

        • I had to look up who that was. How fast we forget. Or at least me.