UPDATED: Yanks sign Lyle Overbay

No, this is not a drill nor is it a joke:

From MLB Trade Rumors:

The Yankees signed first baseman Lyle Overbay to a minor league deal, tweets Erik Boland of Newsday. Overbay was released this morning by the rival Red Sox, who avoided a $100K retention bonus in the process.

Overbay, 36, hit .259/.331/.397 in 131 plate appearances for the Diamondbacks and Braves last year. He was squeezed out in Boston due to their Mike Carp acquisition, but has found a potential opportunity with the Yankees due to a wrist injury that will sideline first baseman Mark Teixeira into May in the best case.

It’s only a Minor League deal but it’s actually not surprising. As soon as they were rumblings that Overbay was on his way out of Boston people were saying how the Yankees would scoop him up.

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15 thoughts on “UPDATED: Yanks sign Lyle Overbay

  1. I just threw up in my mouth a bit.

    Wasn't there ANYONE worse (older, more decrepit, farther down the slippery slope of decline) available?

    I'm not in NYC – so I can't NOT buy a season ticket. I can, however, pass on MLB.TV this year.

    • Don't fret — I'm sure Mike Edes is busy composing a post right now as to why Lyle Overbay will turn into the second coming of Don Mattingly now that he's in pinstripes.

  2. Stacy, do you report this just to give us Yankee fans that "warm and fuzzy" feeling? Well, how about the
    Dan Otero pick up? Does that shore up the bullpen? I'm getting kind of ill!

    • Haha. I forgot about poor Dan Otero. My bad.

      I was working on something for tomorrow when the Overbay news came across the wire, so to speak.

  3. Again, Hal Steinbrenner NEVER wanted this… he only agreed to take control of the team because Steve Swindal (the son in law) fell out of favor…

    We're all seeing now why this was the case, Hal knew he was ill suited to run this type of business. he's a finance geek, a cut throat, self centered businessman.. running a type of "public business" like a sports team isn't suited to his style.. he's better off running businesses outside the public eye where he can be as cheap and selfish as he likes and no one cares

  4. Why wouldn't Yankee fans want to see the 2007 Blue Jays resurrected in pin stripes? After all, that was a great team…..

  5. I dont get hate on this. It's a minor league deal and the Yankees first baseman right now is Juan Rivera, who couldn't pick a wedgie right now. And I'd really like to know who is available that would be considerably better than him. Headley is hurt so no trade for him and while I'd love to see them trade for Olt but I dont think Cash will give up the extra guy it would take to pry him loose. Also, its a short term fix, remember that even if Tex misses the entire year he's still on contract for the until 2017, and I think Jeets recent ankle troubles foreshadow a shift to 3B or outfield in the near future.

    • Not sure if it's hate about this specific move but rather hate about the entire tone and tempo of this offseason. The collection of discarded parts many deem as unbefitting a team like the Yankees, right or wrong.

    • Also, there's no "extra player to get Mike Olt"; that was always just a deranged fantasy from the cheerleader set. Olt is one of the most valuable commodities in baseball right now and the Rangers are holding on to him until they get the player they want at the ASB.

      As for Overbay: in isolation, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this move. What's wrong is when the cheerleader set comes along to try and persuade you that cast-offs are the key to winning the pennant.

      • No one in their right mind would suggest Vernon Wells or Lyle Overbay are going to be the difference between a world series and finishing last in the division, but being optimistic and staying realistic about the things the yankees are doing is a lot better than being pessimistic about any move not involving a superstar. And for the record, the Giants have managed to win the world series 2 out of the last 3 years with perennial cast offs in Cody Ross and Marco Scutaro making significant contributions.

        • Lyle Overbay's OPS+ the last two seasons: 85, 93
          Vernon Wells's OPS+ the last two seasons: 83, 91

          Cody Ross's OPS+ the last two seasons: 106, 113
          Marco Scutaro's OPS+ the last two seasons: 110, 99

          So I think this is not really a good argument.

  6. I get that but there really weren't options this offseason. Maybe they should have resigned Martin but it's not something I've been up in arms about. I'd rather have them spend in 2014 and 2015 than get locked in to something this offseason that they really didn't need (aside from Martin). I don't count Pierzynski because I think its foolish to spend for a catcher coming off his career year in his age 37 season.

  7. Rather than these has retreads, I would rather see if the Yanks could pry Justin Morneau away from the Twins.

  8. It's a good move if tex comes back within 2 months . This is the Yankees and its all about winning. If these guys can hold down the fort it's worth it .