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The Irrational Fan’s Take:

‘”What are the Yankees doing??  Why would they get rid of Adams?  He’s only 25 years old and he’s coming off the best year of his career.  He hit .306/.385/.450 and he can play second base and third base.  The Yankees are going to need infield depth this season and possibly next depending on what happens with A-Rod and Cano and they just gave away one of their top young players at those positions to clear a roster spot for Vernon Wells!  That guy Brad V. from IIATMS/TYA ranked Adams 14th in his Top 30 Prospects this year, so he’s gotta be good.

Not to mention the fact that Adams and Corban Joseph could have made a nice lefty/righty platoon DH on the bench if Hafner got hurt this season and then transitioned to second in 2014 if Cano doesn’t get re-signed.  I don’t get it.  How can they start playing Adams at third base last season and then just dump him for a player they didn’t even need?  This is why the Yankees never develop any good young position players.  They never give them a real shot.  They’ve got a bunch of kids in the Minors who can play and now they’re getting rid of them to get older.  Horrible move.  Cashman should be fired right now.”

The Rational Fan’s Take:

“Adams could have developed into a nice bench player for the Yankees within the next year, but realistically what did they give up by losing him?  He turns 26 in less than two months, so he’s already old for a prospect, he’s never had a single at-bat above Double-A, and that career best year he put up in 2012 was in his second trip back to Double-A.  Yeah he can play two infield positions, but I’ve never read any scouting reports that say he can play either of them that well and I really don’t think the Yankees are going to let Cano walk and hand the position over to a still somewhat unproven guy like Adams and a limited ceiling guy like CoJo.

Not to mention the fact that Adams has had some serious injury problems in his career.  That ankle injury from a few years ago really hurt his development and probably sapped some of his physical skills, and he’s been battling a back injury all spring.  We don’t even know how he’s going to hold up physically over a full 162-game season.  Plus, I read some tweets from Josh Norris that made it sound like this was the right move for the Yankees to make if they wanted to keep Adams.  They’re not the type to just dump productive young players like that.  They felt they had to address a need now, a need that Adams couldn’t fulfill, and their 40-man roster situation put them in a tight spot.  We may not like the move to add Wells, but we’ve got to give Cash the benefit of the doubt when it comes to managing the roster and see what happens in the next day or so.”

I’ll give you two guesses on which take was mine when I first heard the news and which one was mine after I read the Norris updates.

P.S.- I wasn’t implying that my prospect rankings were irrational.  Personally I think they’re pretty damn good.  Tamar’s are probably still better, though.

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24 thoughts on “David Adams Release Reaction

  1. Isn't "rational fan" an oxymoron? :)

    At the very least, given all the reaction around here the past few days (and really the whole off-season), they certainly seem to be on the endangered species list.

  2. you know i saw this guy play a couple of times and is preety good i think that if he didn't get injured alot he would have been in the majors the yankees need to be a little bit more patient

  3. SO Vernon Wells addresses a need they have right now and Adams doesn't,thats the premise? Adams can fill in adequately at 2nd and 3rd base,if not gold glove level. The yankees starting 3rd basemen right now are Youklis assuming he stays healthy,and A-Rod,assuming he can GET healthy. Then there's Cano,who as everyone knows is a f.a. at the end of the season.
    Now back to Wells,whom we can assume will drag his .222 hitting self out to lf. Anyone got fielding stats handy for this guy?Is he a better fielding of than Adams is an if? Is he a better fielding of than the other half dozen people they brought in to give it a go? If the answer to any of those is no then the Yanks have gone right out of their collective head. Are you seriously telling me there was no one they could move to the 60 day dl to make room?

    • The rules for 60-day DL aren't as flexible as the rules for 15-day. The Yanks would have had to put Granderson a/o Teix on the 60-day within 10 days of the injuries to be able to back date the trips, and they don't want to do that now and keep them out of action for longer than they have to. And with Banuelos, moving him to the 60-day would start his Major League service clock, which they obviously don't want to do if he isn't going to be playing.

      The only clear cut 60-day candidate right now is Cesar Cabral.

      • They just put Dan Otero on the 40 man.So another relief pitcher from the waiver wire was more important too? So is Cody Epply?

        • And Shawn Kelley. I'd bet at least one of those guys is getting the boot when the time comes to build the Opening Day roster.

  4. Is it irrational to see losing a player that might actually contribute something to the Yankee's chances of winning baseball games so that we can gain a guy that costs 13 million and is less likely to contribute anything that one of the players already on board would for the 8 weeks Granderson is out?
    That's exactly how a lot of us see it, and I would argue that defending the trade is the irrational stance. Wells was already declining-his OBA is laughably bad-and is very likely to decline further this year. It wouldn't be surprising to see sub-240 OBA this year.

  5. Given the rash of injuries this Spring you would have thought they would have learned their lesson that you need MLB-ready players at AAA if you are going to adhere to a strict budget. So if anything happens to Youk (pretty likely given his injury history) or Cano (less likely but always a possibility), we now have no internal replacement and will have to throw even more money at a washed up veteran as a stop gap. I could potentially get past the short sightedness of it all if it wasn't to accommodate Vernon freaking Wells.

  6. "Then there's Cano,who as everyone knows is a f.a. at the end of the season. "

    Ah yes, the loss of a future HOFer would DEFINITELY be cushioned by the fact that we had a fringe prospect to possibly replace him if healthy.

    • As opposed to having NO ONE to replace him?You missed my point entirely.I wasn't saying by any means not to resign Cano,just that if he does decide to leave why dump someone from the same position?

      • I understand that you weren't advocating dumping Cano for Adams. No one in their right mind would ever consider such a notion.

        My point was that IF the Yankees were to lose Cano, there is no way in the world that their fan base (or really, the Yankees organization) would settle for a guy like Adams as the replacement.

  7. Cashman obviously got a concussion when he broke his leg this winter. His decisions since are stupefying.

  8. I'd have to agree with the rational fan argument. This kid is 26 and never played above AA ball? I'd say the window on his becoming a ML player is closing fast, if it's still even open. It's more likely he's a career minor leaguer that gets a cup of coffee in the bigs once and awhile. He's certainly no long term solution, no matter how many positions he plays.

    • Agreed. If he had "bat-no glove or great glove-no bat" attached to him, the Yanks would stash him in AAA or the pine. Every report I have read on him lists him as "nice" but nothing more. At 26 he hasn't shown a great glove, speed or a big bat.

      Some of the fans on here (about 99% on ESPN) are so two faced: They complain that the Yanks don't play the youngsters but freak out about not signing guys like Martin to 3 year deals with 2 stud catchers in the wings (one of whom will either be ready by 2014 or likely never at all), freak out about not going out and signing (insert outfield flavor or the offseason–Upton, Hamilton, etc) when there are 3-4 guys almost there and then, in a post one week later, gladly offer up half the farm to get Chase Headley (including offering up Phelps).
      It only works one of two ways: (1) Allow the youth to develop and PROVE they can play above the AA level (um, Adams has not even been a AAA guy yet at 26) and supplement the lineup with retreads and older guys while you are waiting or (2) buy players all the time.

      • Couldn't agree more. They also forget (or chose to ignore) the '96-01 dynasty was built through the farm system, coupled with a few timely trades and FA signings. IMHO, it's this need of having a all-star at every position philosophy that has led to the Yankee's lack of ultimate success ('09 not withstanding) and bloated payroll that has hamstrung them from building with-in.

        • How can you say 09 not withstanding? It's that kind of attitude that makes most Yankee fans hard to handle, you literally just dismissed a World Series Championship because it doesn't fit your argument.

          They've made the playoffs in every year since 08 and won a Championship in that time period hey somehow they've "lacked ultimate success" that's more success than most teams ever see in a 4 or 5 year window. We've gotten so spoiled with success that a World Series win actually gets dismissed because we only won the one, that's likely saying I don't get to drive nice cars because I only have one Corvette.

  9. Adams' agent came out and stated this was the best way to try and retain him. That to me suggests that the Yanks FO talked it over with he and his agent before his release and could very well be on their way to a new contract. There still lies the possibility that another club offers him a major league deal, but isn't glaringly obvious. If he were putting up numbers in AAA you could make a stronger case for keeping him, but as it is they have a solid chance to turn around and get him inked and on his way to Scranton.

  10. I have to say, when I first saw Adams was released my first thought was "Hey, who knew the guy the Yankees didn't trade could end up being the biggest loss in this whole Wells situation." I'm guessing he will be back with the Yankees minor league system after all is said and done though. Whether Adams ever really makes a meaningful impact is up in the air, given his age/injury history – but I definitely still want to see what he can do. This could (and should) be a pretty big year for him.

  11. Cashman is such a joke that all they needed to do six weeks ago when Adams was injured was put him on the 60 day DL knowing the would not play all spring. Also, when Granderson got hurt they knew he was out 8-12 weeks and he was never put on the 60 day DL nor was Tex when he got hurt.

    It is so sad that there is no accountability for this loser.

  12. Im kind of in between rational and irrational on this one. I would have liked to see him get a chance in pinstripes, but do they really need 2 of the same player on the 40 man roster?

  13. I've been in group B from jump street, it's fun to lose your mind and blame Cash and the guys for every little thing, but I'm not jumping out of the window because we released a 26 year old barley prospect who's likely not good enough to play 3B at the major league level.

  14. Yeah Brad, I'm irrational for thinking Adams is more valuable than the bum pitcher the Yanks put on the 40 man roster (Otero) only to replace him with another bum (???), sure ok whatever.

    Watch Adams do well elsewhere or do well enough to be someone's trading chip in a good trade.