Quick hit: Hughes to the DL

Well, this wasn’t unexpected and in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal, but according to Joel Sherman:

And there you have it. Phil Hughes is actually okay and seems to progressing nicely but the Yanks are still putting him on the DL.

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2 thoughts on “Quick hit: Hughes to the DL

  1. Chris

    I full expect Hughes to be dealing with his back all year, bulging discs for a pitcher are a real killer. You can pitch fine by receiving a shot but then go two or three games in a row with no juice or staying power. I hope he has a great year but I'm expecting an up and down battle.

    • Michael

      I sure hope not. Was hoping he would cut down on homers and have a good year so the Yankees can offer him a qualifying offer and collect a pick when he signs elsewhere

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