Quick hit: Yankees release Juan Rivera

Well, this is surprising and seems kind of mean-spirited.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Yankees have released Juan Rivera.

Today’s game is not over yet and Rivera started at first base. I guess they wanted to give him one last hurrah? And I also assume this means the Yankees will be going with Lyle Overbay at first until Mark Teixeira returns.

And this from Dan Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal:

So that makes sense, I guess.

2013 is so weird. The Yankees will have Ben Francisco in the outfield and Lyle Overbay at first base.

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13 thoughts on “Quick hit: Yankees release Juan Rivera

  1. I must admit not a total surprise that they picked Overbay over Rivera. Well it looks like this will be the starting 9 I guess for opening day, although not in order:
    Overbay – 1st base
    Cano – 2nd base
    Nunez – SS
    Youkilis – 3rd base
    Ichiro – RF
    Gardner – CF
    Francisco OR Wells – LF
    Wells OR Francisco – DH
    Cervelli OR Stewart – Catching
    CC- Pitching

    I must say that's a line up that brings teams to my eyes. You can decide if they are tears of joy OR tears of sadness.

  2. Has there been any news/updates about Ronnier's injury? I was excited to finally get to watch him play 3B last night and was quite bummed to hear he had gotten hurt. I hope it's not too serious because I feel like he could be a great contributor to this team both before and after everybody (hopefully) returns from their various injuries.

  3. Understanding that none of these options is any good, I would rather have one Rivera (for 1B and OF) than one Francisco (for OF) and one Overbay (for 1B).