Quick hit: Yankees release Juan Rivera

Well, this is surprising and seems kind of mean-spirited.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Yankees have released Juan Rivera.

Today’s game is not over yet and Rivera started at first base. I guess they wanted to give him one last hurrah? And I also assume this means the Yankees will be going with Lyle Overbay at first until Mark Teixeira returns.

And this from Dan Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal:

So that makes sense, I guess.

2013 is so weird. The Yankees will have Ben Francisco in the outfield and Lyle Overbay at first base.

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13 thoughts on “Quick hit: Yankees release Juan Rivera

  1. uyf1950

    I must admit not a total surprise that they picked Overbay over Rivera. Well it looks like this will be the starting 9 I guess for opening day, although not in order:
    Overbay – 1st base
    Cano – 2nd base
    Nunez – SS
    Youkilis – 3rd base
    Ichiro – RF
    Gardner – CF
    Francisco OR Wells – LF
    Wells OR Francisco – DH
    Cervelli OR Stewart – Catching
    CC- Pitching

    I must say that's a line up that brings teams to my eyes. You can decide if they are tears of joy OR tears of sadness.

    • uyf1950

      With an eye towards injecting a little humor I did want to say. I guess $220,000,000 +/- doesn't buy as much as it used to.

  2. Steve

    Has there been any news/updates about Ronnier's injury? I was excited to finally get to watch him play 3B last night and was quite bummed to hear he had gotten hurt. I hope it's not too serious because I feel like he could be a great contributor to this team both before and after everybody (hopefully) returns from their various injuries.

    • Heard on Twitter it is a bone bruise

      • Mike Eder

        Yup, he's staying in Tampa for now. Not an option for the opening day roster. I think he'll get some more time in Triple-A at the corners, and perhaps called up in short order.

  3. Meow

    Doesn't it make more sense to take boesch instead of Francisco ?

    • Mike Eder

      They're taking both, though I thought it might make sense to take Mesa over Francisco. Afterall, you're only really playing Francisco against left-handed pitchers, when I'll assume they DH Vernon Wells. Might as well put Mesa in there for defense, and keep him on the bench as a pinch runner.

      • mcmastro

        it does make sense, but the MLB put a new rule in place that your teams average age had to be at least 32 years for you to win the world series.

  4. Santiago

    $100k for an extra two days to look at Juan Rivera

    • Mike

      I think it was more like they wanted to make sure Overbay arrived in FL with all of his extremities attached to his body. You know, because at this rate they were probably surprised he didn't get hurt on the flight down. Besides, $100k is less than chump change.

  5. not Montero's dad

    Understanding that none of these options is any good, I would rather have one Rivera (for 1B and OF) than one Francisco (for OF) and one Overbay (for 1B).

    • guest

      Overbay is a much better fielder than rivera, especially with Nunez at ss. Remember he was signed to be a back up OF not a first baseman.

      • Andrew

        What's weird is that the Yankees looked at Rivera almost exclusively at 1B, when he's essentially the same player as Francisco (RH backup OF), only 10% better. So the Yanks figured out (correctly) that Rivera can't play 1B, and that sort of ruled him out… but they never really compared him to Francisco.

        Very odd.

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