Site Maintenance Tonight: Expect Outages

Update: We’re still in the process of moving things over. In the meantime, things could be a little off. Please stick with us!

Warning: Because so damn many of you are reading, we’ll be performing some site maintenance tonight, and switching to a new server. The site will go down roughly around 7:30 pm tonight, and could remain out for a few hours. This page won’t be available while we are down, so look for updates via Twitter.

Also: it’s awesome that so many of you are reading. Keep that up!

E.J. Fagan been blogging about Yankee baseball since 2006. He is a Ph.D. student at University of Texas at Austin.

6 thoughts on “Site Maintenance Tonight: Expect Outages

  1. Exactly that. Thanks for making this outage necessary, to paraphrase Yogi!

  2. jay_robertson

    is that why I keep seeing "Maximum processes; will retry in 12 seconds"

    or something like that?

    • srosegots

      Yes, hopefully this will prevent that from happening again.

    • Yeah, following the merger, pageviews doubled (yay!) but the host claims that we're double the allowable CPU usage per day/hour (whatever). So either we pay some 3000% more per month (suck it, ICDSoft) or we find ourselves a new host (getting there).

      • uyf1950

        ICDSoft, don't let customer service stand in the way of profits.

  3. Professor Longnose

    So long, server. Don’t let the user agent hit you in the URL on the way out of the system.

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