Lunchtime links: Predictions, predictions and more predictions

Hey guys, did you hear about the Yankees and how awful they’re going to be this season?

The Yankees are dead this year, everyone. According to nearly every major sports outlet, we shouldn’t even bother watching them this season. Maybe we should all root for the Mets? Oh wait, that wouldn’t be fun either.

Just when you thought Juan Rivera being released by the Yankees would be the biggest news of yesterday, Johan Santana and his shoulder took over the crown. It seems Santana retore his surgically repaired shoulder and will be out all of 2013 and may possibly have to retire.

That is awful news and I feel bad for him, for the Mets and for their fans. Johan Santana is an amazing pitcher and to see his career possibly end like this is not very fun.

Back to the Yankees and their eulogies, here’s one from Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, saying how the Yankees will finish in last place in the AL East but, don’t worry fans, they won’t actually be terrible.

Good friend of the blog, Rebecca Glass, wrote a piece for the Sweetspot on ESPN about Yankee fans and their expectations for this season. It’s been a while since we’ve gone into a season with such low expectations and maybe that might be a good thing? Instead of expecting something, we should hope for it. It’s a different way to go about rooting for the Yankees but it may be the only way to stay sane.

Other links:

  • Andy McCullough of the Star Ledger writes a great piece about Brian Cashman staying optimistic while the fan base is pessimistic. 
  • His colleague Steve Politi thinks the Yankees will be fine this year but I have a bone to pick with him about his Alex Rodriguez section of the piece. How come when people bring up how bad A-Rod was from July – October, they neglect to include the fact that he was out from July – September with a broken hand? That seems like a large oversight, doesn’t it?

The in case you missed it IIATMS edition:

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5 thoughts on “Lunchtime links: Predictions, predictions and more predictions

  1. ProfRobert

    I feel terrible for Santana and the Mets (though probably more for the latter, as Johan will still get his millions). I'm not one of the Yankee fans who hates the Mets; as a New Yorker, the Mets are actually my second-favorite team.

    When I saw the story this morning, though, I was thinking that this is a BIG feather in Cashman's cap. He insisted on passing on Santana and going after CC. Maybe he just got lucky, but if you get blamed for the things that turn out badly, you should at least get credit for the choices you made that turned out brilliantly.

  2. hawaii dave

    Considering the totality of last years season…in which my beloved Yankees played .500 baseball for the majority of the season, punctuated by a huge June and a hot streak in September, I really think that this year, considering injuries, age, and regression…..the Yanks will be lucky to win 85 games. Why 85? Improvements to Toronto will cut into their 95 wins. Boston can't play as bad as they did last year. And too many injuries. 85 wins…and that is only if they can destroy the national league in inter league play like they did last year. If they can't dominate the NL it will be even uglier than I expect.

    • Professor Longnose

      173-0. Book it.

    • Duh Innings

      Boston can't play as bad as they did last year since when? WTF have they done to improve by even five wins this offseason? Sign Ryan Dempster? LOL. Their C and 1B is worse than the one they came into 2012 with. Their bullpen is overall crap. Their outfield outside of Ellsbury certainly is. Lester and Bucholz were awful last year. Where's Lackey? Doubront is no lock to be as good as or better than he was in 2012 and Dempster is an old career NL pitcher.

      WTF has Baltimore done this offseason? Nothing. Recent history shows they're not winning 93 games again. They don't have the pitching depth the post-2008 Rays have had and speaking of the Rays they lost their #2 starter Shields and still can't hit.

      95-67 is .500 most of the year up to 134 games, ok, right. You expected 16-11 every sixth of the season minus a win? It doesn't work that way more often than not.

      Toronto is good on paper, that's it, and that doesn't mean shit until they play the games. History shows RA Dickey will not be ace-like. One great season and he's the new Prime Pedro, Randy, or Roger – puh-leeze. He got a free out or two every start and didn't face the DH. Josh Johnson is a career NL starter. Buerhle isn't what he used to be and he wasn't that great just consistent. Romero was awful last year and since when is Morrow a lock to be as good as or better than he was last year? Three-fifths of their rotation haven't done jack in the AL in recent times – kinda hard to when two-thirds of them have been career NL starters. Who's Toronto's bullpen, bench, and offense after Bautista, Encarnacion, Reyes, and Cabrera? Let's see "Melky" hit without PEDs, Reyes post an OBP above .339, and Bautista rebound from season-ending wrist surgery.

  3. Duh Innings

    Jon Morosi is a fucking idiot who should change his name to Moronsi.

    How are the Yanks finishing in last place with a rotation of Sabathia, Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes, and Nova/Phelps and a front four bullpen of Rivera, Robertson, Logan, and Chamberlain?

    The 2012 Red Sox finished in last place with 69 wins. So Moronsi is saying the Yanks will win only 69 games, 26 less than last year? How have the Yanks lost 20 wins assuming a 75-win season? Jeter will probably miss April, Granderson April and the first half of May big deal. Teixiera is a big loss but I don't see the Yanks losing 20 more games than they did last year because he's not around. For all of Martin's homeruns he drove in only 53 runs and if you tripled Stewart's PA he drives in 36 runs last year. If he posts 36 RBI this year, Cervelli say 24, that's 60 RBI from the catcher, a loss of only 7 RBI which Cano could make up for if he finally drives in over 100 runs in a season.

    This team is not as bad as the 1989-92 Yankees, sorry, I saw those teams.

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