Game Thread: Yankees at Army

Brett Gardner CF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Kevin Youkilis 3B
Brennan Boesch DH
Vernon Wells LF
Lyle Overbay 1B
Eduardo Nunez SS
Francisco Cervelli C

LHP Vidal Nuno

Nuno wasn’t originally supposed to start today’s game, Adam Warren was.

Today’s game is at 2:05 p.m. and will be on the YES Network.

UPDATED: Travis Hafner was a late scratch and Brennan Boesch will DH in his place.

And so it begins…

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26 thoughts on “Game Thread: Yankees at Army

  1. I'm here and just want to say how impressed I am with Joba. He has played catch with a kid, traded hats with a little girl and has been talking/signing with fans for over an hour.

    The game is about to start and is still along the right field line.

      • Joba just rushed past me on his way to get cadets to do the harem shake. Hes also been taking photos on his phone of the crowd.

        He's apparently very good at not being bored in the pen.

  2. Nice to hear that about Joba or any player really. So am I correct in assuming that Cody Epply and Adam Warren will be making the trip with the big league club?

    • Apparently some random guy was on a phone and asked Joba to say something. Joba then proceeded to have a 3-4 minute conversation to the person on the guys phone.

      Seems like he really enjoys what he does.

  3. Here in the hinterlands (Houston) I am not able to watch the game. But Hafner is scratched because of "general stiffness?" Sounds like something that can apply to a corpse. Hmmmmm, or is too many Viagras?

  4. I understand wanting a guy in the pen who could go multiple innings but I still dont think getting rid of Aardsma is that smart. Shawn Kelly can go multiple innings and so can Adam Warren. So essentially Cody Epply beat out David Aardsma? Really? I dont get it.

      • So anyone else think its a good idea to move Tyler Austin back to 3rd? He might be the lnog term answer at that spot. He was originally a 3rd baseman and moved off for Dante Bichette Jr. I say move hime back. That way there is more room for the other awesome young outfielders and Austins bat will play up at the hot corner

        • I don't play close enough attention to MiLB to know how well any of them are playing, but what you say makes sense. The Yanks need to make sure they develop good MiLB players at any position since surpluses can be traded for deficiencies.

          • Oh well Tyler Austin is an absolute hitting machine. Hes been batting over .330 with some legit pop. Hes a top 3 or 4 prospect in the system regardless of where he plays.

        • I think that it is a very good move. Youkilis is a stopgap and i doubt he will be back in 2014. No one knows what ARod's future is. I suspect that between his health and the new steroids revelations, the Yankees will move him after the 2014 season. Even this year, when Youkilis is injured, there is no backup plan for 3B, except to call up Ronnie Mustelier or David Adams (who was re-signed).

        • I don't think it's necessarily correct to say he was moved because of Bichette. That's a media and fan meme. It's possibly true, but it's possibly incorrect too. He was never expected to have the athleticism for 3B long-term. Could just be a coincidence that he was moved and DBJ was there. If they thought Austin was a long-term 3B (a more valuable position than RF) they could have split time or moved Austin back when he was promoted. Trying him back at 3B is actually something that the Yankees said they would consider this offseason. So far it seems they are not inclined to do so. Besides not necessarily being a defensive 3B, they need help in the OF going forward as badly as the IF.

          An interesting 3B prospect, Zack Cox, was just DFAed by the Marlins. Could be tough to fit him on the 40 man and he might not last to the Yankees on waivers anyway, but he was BA's #88 prospect in MLB before a rough 2012.

    • The odd thing is that they paid Aardsma to get healthy and then cuthim when he could have contributed.

      • He lost several MPH on his fastball and had no control to start with. I don't think they considered him ready to contribute. Spring training success can be a mirage.

        I also don't know that he's been claimed, so this might be a way to get a guy without options some more rehab time to see if he can work his way back to full strength, clearing a 40 man spot they need at the same time.

  5. Girardi said hes going to platoon Overbay with Youk at first and "Nixy" will get starts at third. Im sorry but Nixy isnt a good player. hes below average defensively at SS and 3rd and his offense is far below average. Hes a useful utility guy for a team that has established starters, like if the Yankees were actually healthy. But if hes going to see significant playing time then im not on board with that. He should be a fill in guy when someone needs a day off. I would much rather see Ronnier Mustelier be the 3rd base guy. He can play an average 3rd base and has hit over .320 in 2 years at AAA. 3rd is his natural position, who knows he might end up being a good player. Hes done everything he needs to at the lower levels. Give him a shot.

    • Agreed, Michael. I guess that they needed a true UT guy to play 2B, SS and 3B. So Jayson Nix had that job from Day One. They could have left off Ben Francisco and used Ronier Mustelier as the 3B/OF guy. The underlying problem is the Youkilis is not a good hitter against righties lately. He will be fine every 3-4 days when there they go up against a lefty starter. There is more reason to bench Youkilis against a righty with good breaking action than to bench Overbay against a lefty with good breaking action. Anyway, both Oberbay and Youkilis are at the age where the sprains and strains come more easily. Bad situation at 3B.

    • Nix is about an average defender at 3B, and about an average hitter against LHP. Looking at their roster as it stands, I think that effectively platooning Overbay and Nix is the thing to do. You'll have about an average MLB hitter in the line-up (against the SP at least, with the ability to pinch hit later) on any given day and totally respectable defense.

      Mustelier is injured, but I've never heard anyone call him even average with the glove at any position and his ability to hit MLB P is completely untested. There's a chance that his bat adjusts or he does enough damage on FBs to make up for off-speed Ps, but I think that the smart money is on him being a AAAA player. Not necessarily worse than Nix, but most likely not substantially better. Nix also gives them depth at 2B and SS, which Mustelier does not.