Game 19: Phil Hughes vs David Price

Oh boy.

This game has the chance to be either bad or really bad. While I could see Phil Hughes shocking everyone by shutting down the Rays’ lineup – stranger things have happened – I could also see David Price making the Yankees’ lineup look even more putrid than they did last night against Matt Moore.

Of course, we could also have a repeat of last night when the Yankees were down 4-0 before the second inning. (I’m really not making this game seem like it’s going to be any good, am I?)

Anyway, here’s the Yankees’ lineup:
Gardner CF
Nunez SS
Cano 2B
Wells LF
Francisco DH
Overbay 1B
Stewart C
Ichiro RF
Nix 3B

Hughes P

And the Rays’ lineup:
Jennings CF
Roberts 2B
Zobrist RF
Longoria 3B
Joyce LF
Escobar SS
Loney 1B
Molina C
Johnson DH

Price P

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