Game 28: Happy Anniversary Robinson Cano

It was eight years ago today that Robinson Cano was called up to take over second base from the woeful Tony Womack. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Kevin Brown was shellacked by the then Devil Rays, giving up eight runs in five innings – six in the first alone. The winning pitcher for the Devil Rays was Doug Waechter. Remember him?

The Yankees are welcoming the Oakland A’s for a three game set before heading out on a road trip to Denver and Kansas City. Hopefully those places won’t be expecting any snow.

Anyway, here are tonight’s lineups:

Gardner CF
Cano 2B
Wells LF
Hafner DH
Ichiro RF
Nunez SS
Overbay 1B
Nix 3B
Stewart C

Sabathia P

Rosales SS
Smith LF
Lowrie 2B
Cespedes CF
Donaldson 3B
Norris C
Reddick RF
Freiman 1B
Montz DH

Griffin P

Go Yankees!

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