Yankees Lead Baseball In Days On The DL

The news isn’t too shocking, but through May 6th, the Yankees lead all of baseball in days on the DL with a total of 358. The Blue Jays aren’t far behind, ranking second with 349 days, and the Marlins are third with 323 days.


Though the numbers appear close, the Yankees have undoubtedly taken the biggest hit in terms of disabled players. The majority of their days lost come from their projected starting lineup and rotation, while the Blue Jays have pitchers Kyle Drabek and Luis Perez sitting on the 60-day DL. Though the Yankees ranked just 12th overall in pitchers days lost, their position player injuries have far outweighed the amount and scope of other teams. Their 234 days lost by offensive players is 29 days ahead of the Brewers, and none of these injuries came against bench-types. Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Francisco Cervelli, and Kevin Youkilis would all be included in the starting lineup if healthy.

In terms of other teams, the Dodgers have probably taken the biggest hit when it comes to pitching. Their 197 days on the DL come from Chad Billingsley, Scott Elbert, Ted Lilly, Chris Capuano, and Zack Greinke. The Braves have also had a number of big name players DL’d, including Brandon Beachey, Brian McCann, Jonny Venters, Freddie Freeman, and Jason Heyward. Though the Red Sox have are ranked high, the majority of their days come from Ryan Kalish, Craig Breslow, and Franklin Morales. The Indians and Padres have also taken major hits.

The best surviving teams have been the Phillies, (though they added Roy Halladay to the DL today), Tigers, Nationals, Mariners, and Rockies. Surprisingly, the Mets, Rangers, and Royals haven’t DL’d a single position player in 2013, pretty remarkable. Before the Halladay DL, the Phillies’ only disabled players were Delmon Young and John Lannan. The Rockies have also survived with short 15 day DL stints to just Jhoulys Chacin and Todd Helton, while Edwar Cabrera sits on the 60-Day DL.

Pitchers have spent a lot more time on the disabled list in comparison to position players. Their total of 3,519 days is 54% more than the 2,282 days that hitters have seen. In terms of leagues, the AL and NL are very close to days missed, with the AL seeing 2,830 and the NL with 2,710. Going by division, the AL East seen the most injuries by far, with 1,247 days lost, which is followed by the NL Central (1,070), the NL West (1,014), the NL East (887), the AL West (839), and the AL Central (744). Here are the total days missed and ranks by teams for pitchers, hitters, and their totals.

Rank Teams Pitcher Days Teams Hitter Days Teams Total
1 Blue Jays 301 Yankees 234 Yankees 358
2 Rangers 232 Brewers 205 Blue Jays 349
3 Indians 206 Marlins 204 Marlins 323
4 Dodgers 197 Diamondbacks 167 Padres 290
5 Mets 171 Braves 136 Brewers 276
6 Angels 167 Padres 131 Braves 261
7 Padres 159 Athletics 123 Indians 253
8 Cubs 144 Red Sox 117 Red Sox 244
9 Pirates 135 Pirates 84 Diamondbacks 244
10 Red Sox 127 Cubs 83 Dodgers 237
11 Braves 125 Orioles 80 Rangers 232
12 Yankees 124 Cardinals 75 Cubs 227
13 Royals 119 Giants 69 Pirates 219
14 Marlins 119 White Sox 65 Angels 214
15 Twins 118 Reds 58 Cardinals 193
16 Cardinals 118 Astros 52 Orioles 184
17 Orioles 104 Blue Jays 48 Athletics 173
18 White Sox 98 Indians 47 Mets 171
19 Reds 97 Angels 47 White Sox 163
20 Rockies 96 Tigers 45 Reds 155
21 Diamondbacks 77 Dodgers 40 Twins 138
22 Rays 75 Phillies 39 Giants 132
23 Astros 74 Rays 37 Astros 126
24 Brewers 71 Mariners 31 Royals 119
25 Mariners 63 Nationals 30 Rays 112
26 Giants 63 Twins 20 Rockies 111
27 Athletics 50 Rockies 15 Mariners 94
28 Nationals 45 Royals 0 Nationals 75
29 Tigers 26 Rangers 0 Tigers 71
30 Phillies 18 Mets 0 Phillies 57

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