Game 35: The first place Yankees

In case you didn’t know, the New York Yankees are in first place right now. And while it is true that they are tied for first place with both the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox, the accomplishment shouldn’t be diminished, especially when sports “experts” were predicting the Yankees to be playing like the Houston Astros this year.

Anyway, here are the lineups:

Gardner CF
Cano 2B
Wells LF
Hafner DH
Ichiro RF
Nix SS
Overbay 1B
Nelson 3B
Stewart C

Pettitte P

Escobar SS
Cain CF
Gordon LF
Butler DH
Hosmer 1B
Perez C
Moustakas 3B
Francoeur RF
Johnson 2B

Shields P

Go Yankees!

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Stacey is co-Editor-in-Chief of It's About The Money and co-host of the It's About The Money, Stupid podcast.

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