Quick recap: Orioles 4, Yankees 2

All you need to know is that Hiroki Kuroda gave up three home runs tonight and usually when that sort of thing happens, it’s pretty much a guarantee that the Yankees will lose the game.


They finished the month of June with a record of 11-16 and are currently in the midst of a five game losing streak. Yikes.

This is about as low as it can get for the Yankees, right? (Let’s hope so.) … Click here to read the rest

What’s wrong with CC Sabathia?

ny_g_sabathia_b1_400The Yankees are struggling right now for two reasons. The main reason they’re struggling is because this isn’t the same team that has been on the field the last two seasons. Injuries and age have decimated the Yankee lineup. The players picked up to fill in the gaps (Vernon Wells, Travis Hafner) simply aren’t as good as the players who are missing. But the second reason the Yankees are struggling is because the star players who aren’t hurt are not playing as well as they have in the past. Ichiro Suzuki has an 86 OPS+. Robinson Cano has a .492 SLG. And CC Sabathia has a 4.15 ERA.

The first two examples of struggling stars aren’t huge surprises. That’s who Ichiro was when the Yankees first acquired him. He stepped into the way-back machine for the end of last year. Cano, meanwhile, is prone to struggles. He may yet get hot and finish the season around his career averages.… Click here to read the rest

Some quick Saturday news and notes: 6/29/13

Happy afternoon! Instead of watching an afternoon game, like we should be doing on a weekend, we’re stuck waiting for the Yankees and Orioles to play a primetime contest on Fox. Lucky us!

Anyway, here are a couple of news items, in case you missed them:

  • Yovani Gallardo of the Brewers has the Yankees on his no-trade list. Gallardo, who is in the midst of a pretty terrible season (4.20 ERA in 98.2 innings), also listed the Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Toronto Blue Jays on that list. The Yankees don’t need pitching anyway. They need offense.
  • Speaking of that, George King of the NY Post is reporting that the Yankees have an interest in Michael Young of the Phillies. The third baseman is batting 289/.348/.412 with five home runs this year for the Philadelphia which is better than what the Yankees are getting from third base at the moment.
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Quick recap: Orioles 4, Yankees 3

My reaction to tonight’s game:

(Click on the image to get the full effect)

And this isn’t going to be a long, drawn out, verbose recap because, honestly, I’m really not in the mood to rehash the whole game.

But here’s what you need to know: CC Sabathia was cruising, he even took a no-hitter bid into the sixth and then BAM! He gives up three runs in the sixth and gave up a solo shot in the seventh to Nate McClouth and the Yankees lost the game.

This kind of game is the most frustrating one to sit through because it looks like everything is going right and then suddenly the wheels fall off. The Yankees scored first, Robinson Cano may be coming out of his funk (he finished 3-5 with an RBI) and even Vernon Wells had an RBI. The Yankee offense had 11 hits. 11! And the Orioles only had five but they made the most of those five hits.… Click here to read the rest

Game 79: Insert witty title here

The Yankees are in Baltimore to take on the Orioles and the Yankees offense couldn’t hit water if it fell off a boat. Either this is going to be the worst weekend of the season OR the Yankees will shock the hell out of us.

Tonight, CC Sabathia is taking on T.J. McFarland. Sabathia is looking for his 200th career victory.

Here are the lineups again, in case you missed them earlier:

Gardner CF
Nix SS
Cano 2B
Wells DH
Suzuki RF
Almonte LF
Stewart C
Adams 1B
Gonzalez 3B

Markakis RF
Machado 3B
Hardy SS
Jones CF
Davis 1B
Wieters C
Valencia DH
McLouth LF
Casilla 2B… Click here to read the rest