Rangers 3, Yankees 0: Well, at least they weren’t no-hit!

Let’s play some good news/bad news, shall we?

    • Good news: The Yankees weren’t no-hit by Yu Darvish.
    • Bad news: They were three-hit by Darvish, Robby Ross, Tanner Scheppers and Joe Nathan.
    • Good news: Lyle Overbay had two hits.
    • Bad news: Ichiro was the only other player with a hit.
    • Good news: Ivan Nova pitched well enough to win.
    • Bad news: Giving up three runs is like giving up 300 runs with this offense right now.
    • Good news: …I can’t think of anything else.

Oh wait!

  • Good news: This game ended before 10 p.m. unlike last night’s nightmare.
  • Bad news: Yankees have now had 18 games in which they’ve been without an extra-base hit through 99 games for the first time since 1975 via Jeff Quagliata.
  • More bad news: Yankees were shutout for the 8th time this season.  Matches season totals from 2011, 2010, 2008 and 2007 via Jeff Quagliata.

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