A Look At The Current 2014 Roster

To further drive home the point that the Yankees have a ton of work to do this offseason, and to start to quell any high expectations you may still have for a bounce back season in 2014, here’s what the 2014 Opening Day Roster could look like if it was comprised of only returning organizational players:


C- Austin Romine
1B- Mark Teixeira
2B- David Adams
SS- Derek Jeter
3B- Eduardo Nunez
LF- Alfonso Soriano
CF- Brett Gardner
RF- Ichiro Suzuki
DH- Vernon Wells


1) CC Sabathia
2) Ivan Nova
3) Michael Pineda
4) David Phelps
5) Adam Warren

Bench: Chris Stewart, Zoilo Almonte, Corban Joseph, Ronnier Mustelier

Bullpen: David Robertson, Shawn Kelley, Preston Claiborne, Cesar Cabral, Dellin Betances, Brett Marshall, Mark Montgomery

Keep in mind that this roster includes a handful of guys who could be non-tendered before or DFA’d after spring camp starts, which would have the Yankees dipping further down into their shallow Triple-A talent pool.  Yeesh.

They’ve already gotten off to a pretty good start on their offseason schedule and it’s not even the offseason yet.  Jon Heyman reported that the Yankees made an offer to Joe during their meeting yesterday and that another meeting is scheduled for today, and the team may or may not already be planning their next offer to Robinson Cano.  Getting those 2 things out of the way early would be ideal because there’s a lot that needs to be done to build up that pitching staff.  And the bench.  And the middle of the order.

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