Random thoughts on a Thursday morning

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these posts but here it goes, some random baseball (and non-baseball thoughts) for you on this Thursday morning.

  • Poor Cleveland. In the playoffs one day and then has to go home. What a bummer.
  • And poor Nick Swisher. It seems that playoff monkey is still riding his back outside of New York.
  • I’ll admit that made me happy because during the Reds/Pirates game, I wanted to roll my eyes every time someone mentioned the Yankees missing Russell Martin.
  • We get it. The Yankees muffed up.
  • And yes, he hit two home runs the other night but let’s hold off on that sort of stuff. What if Martin finishes the playoffs only having hit that many home runs and doesn’t do anything else? Remember last year’s DS? He did well in the first game then didn’t do much of anything.
  • Martin’s playoff slash line is .218/.331/.370/.701.
  • Swisher’s playoff slash line: .165/.277/.297/.575.
  • YIKES.
  • It’s bad enough the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs but now the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays will be facing off in the Division Series. I don’t know about you guys but I am rooting for the meteor.
  • But only when they’re playing in Tampa. 1) Anything to get rid of the Trop 2) It would be better if the meteor hit Florida overall because it’s a terrible, backwards place with a lot of unhinged people, sinkholes and alligators.
  • Yes that was a joke. I don’t need people from Florida leaving angry comments.
  • But I’m sure most people will agree that the Trop needs to be imploded because it sucks and it’s ugly with 70s green carpet in the outfield.
  • It’s going to be hard to watch that series because I really can’t stand either team.
  • The Red Sox are the Red Sox and I will alway dislike them.
  • Especially now with this stupid #getbeard gimmick they have going.
  • How come they always have to have a stupid gimmick? Like the Cowboy Up nonsense from the year we don’t speak of anymore.
  • Just play the game.
  • And the Rays are too cutesy for me as well.
  • I also want to rip Joe Maddon’s hipster glasses from his non-hipster face.
  • They also employ a rapist, a racist, an anti-Semite and a homophobe so that makes them instantly unlikeable.
  • I’m writing this post before I’ve had my coffee.
  • I have no idea how this is even possible but I’m just going with it.
  • It has been a week (tonight) since the emotional moment between Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte and I’ve finally stopped crying about it. Go me!
  • What I haven’t stopped crying about is the fact that we had to put our youngest cat to sleep the next day. I miss you Maddie.
  • I was getting annoyed the other night because people were remarking about how loud Pittsburgh was and some people were saying that Yankee Stadium should take note. Um, excuse you?
  • Here’s the thing, silly people: the Yankees had been in the playoffs almost every year since the last time the Pirates even made the playoffs. Not to say that it’s old hat for Yankee fans to attend a playoff game but, okay, it is, so even if it doesn’t sound loud on TV, when things are going great at YSIII, it’s rocking. Obviously, when things aren’t going well it’s going to sound quiet (See: Cleveland after Tampa scored three runs)
  • I loathe when people comment on the noise at Yankee Stadium. Worry about your team, Mets fans.
  • (Took a break to go downstairs and get coffee. Mmm coffee.)
  • It’s October 3 and I already miss the Yankees.
  • Do I miss the 2013 Yankees? Not really.
  • I can’t believe I made it this far without mentioning Alex Rodriguez.
  • Oh, there it is.
  • His hearing is going on right now. I’m actually avoiding reading up on it because it seems any information that’s coming out is false. Oh, no, that’s just the information from the Daily News I-Team, carry on.
  • How can people get away with writing fiction in a newspaper?
  • How come I can’t spell fiction correctly on the first try?
  • I also tend to spell afternoon, faternoon on the first try. I know, I’m ridiculous but you knew this already.
  • When does Hot Stove start? I’m bored.

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