Report: Talks Off Between Cano And Mariners

Looks like all that hand wringing a lot of people were doing last night was for naught because the word out of Seattle right now is the team promptly ended talks with Cano and his agents last night.  Feinsand is all over the story (again), and according to his reports the Mariner front office was very upset when Jay-Z decided to change the plan from the proposed 9 years/$225 million and instead ask for 10/$252 mil.  The meeting ended on the spot and right now there are no plans for the 2 sides to come back together.

Maybe that late-night private jet was unnecessary, huh?  Oh well.  Still got that offer from the Yankees on the table.  Come on, Robbie.  Come back home to Cash .  He’s a business, man!


Actually, I think I have it backwards.  Hova’s the business, man, and he proved it last night.  Cash is the businessman.

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