Yankees Shopping Ichiro

According to Chad Jennings of LoHud, the Yankees are shopping Ichiro Suzuki to other teams. He adds that there is no deal close, and obviously there’s limited value. Last night there was some speculation about the Giants trading for Ichiro., they could use help in the outfield, and the star power isn’t bad. I assume he has some sort of no trade clause, but with the outfield so stacked, he may waive that to get more playing time with another team. If the Giants are indeed interested, I have no idea what kind of return he’d get. More than likely it would either be salary relief and a player to be named later, but there was some talk about the Giants listening on offers for Marco Scutaro and Pablo Sandoval. Sandoval would probably cost more than Ichiro, but he would be an interesting fit for Yankee Stadium.

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