Darwin Barney: Do Not Want

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I know the options are starting to dwindle with Omar Infante off the market now, but is it really time to start slogging through the bottom of the barrel to find a second baseman for next year?  Because that’s what trading for Darwin Barney would be.

The simplest way to describe his offense is to say it sucks.  In 1,799 career Major League PA, he has a .246/.293/.336 slash line (.278 wOBA).  He doesn’t hit for average, he doesn’t hit for power, he doesn’t draw walks, and he doesn’t do anything on the bases on the rare occasion that he gets there.  He is a plus-plus defensive player at second, but his offense was so bad in 2013 that even registering 11 defensive runs saved only made him worth 0.4 fWAR.

He’s heading into his first year of arbitration eligibility, so he does have a few years of team control remaining at what should be a reasonable cost.  But with as much service time as he has, he’s probably going to cost the Yankees a few million if they trade for him.  They’re already paying a few million for a middle infielder who can’t hit a lick in Brendan Ryan.  Adding another at second wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense when the team still needs to replace lost offensive production.

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