Random thoughts on a snowy Tuesday afternoon

Hello, IIATMS readers, it’s Stacey here with another random thoughts post. I haven’t done one of these in a while and because I have so many thoughts on so many things, I figured it would be best to put them all into one blog entry. Aren’t you lucky?

And away we go!

  • The Yankees signed Brian Roberts.
  • Yes, that Brian Roberts.
  • The one who is always injured and can never last an entire season.
  • This is causing a lot of Yankee fans to lose their minds.
  • I am not one of them.
  • I’ll admit, I wasn’t too jazzed about it but it’s still too early in the offseason to panic and I don’t think the Yankees are done making moves.
  • It’s snowing a lot and winter hasn’t even arrived. This weather is making me miss warm weather, green grass and baseball.
  • While I was writing this, the Yankees signed Matt Thornton.
  • Good?
  • He’s a LOOGY and he really needs to be used as a LOOGY. No righties for him, Girardi.
  • There was a report that Derek Jeter doesn’t allow cellphones in his house. I think they meant smartphones. Maybe he’d allow old school, camera-less flip phones.
  • And there was also a story about Alex Rodriguez shopping a tell-all book. Oh em gee, I wish I could ghostwrite that. Of course, that would mean that I could write something substantial in length and if you read this blog regularly, you know I don’t do that often.
  • Did I really write oh em gee?
  • There’s another reason why I could never write a book.
  • And there could be a documentary attached as well?
  • What else is happening with the Yankees?
  • Not much.
  • It’s still odd to me that Robinson Cano chose the Mariners over the Yankees.
  • And because of that I have to dye my hair blonde.
  • What a jackass.
  • Him not me.
  • Okay, I’m one too.
  • Can you guys believe it’s December?
  • Where did 2013 go?
  • Wasn’t 2013 so odd?
  • Will 2014 be just as odd as 2013 was for the Yankees or will it be even more odd? Odder? What is the right word?
  • Whatever.
  • This morning Matt Yallof of MLB Network made it a point to tweet that Brian Roberts has played in 1,326 games and has never played in the postseason.
  • And?
  • Seriously, what was his point? If you look at his baseball reference page or you know, if you have paid attention to baseball since 2001, you’d know that Roberts played with the Orioles his entire career. You’d also know that the Orioles had made the playoffs in 2012 and that it was the first time they had done so since 1997. So how is any of this Brian Roberts’ fault?
  • That tweet was dumb and the fact that Yallof gets paid to talk about baseball annoys me.
  • Yes, it was Brian Roberts’ fault that the Orioles didn’t make the playoffs from 2001-2011.
  • I’m already defending him and he hasn’t even donned a Pinstriped uniform.
  • What is happening to me?
  • I went to the eye doctor yesterday because I was in need of a new prescription for my glasses.
  • I found out I have a hole in my right eye. Yeah, I know. What?
  • The doctor doesn’t think it will get any bigger. Well, I hope not!
  • The Yankees sent me an anniversary card this past week. It’s my 15th anniversary as a season ticket holder.
  • So who wants to call them and let them know I’m not getting season tickets for 2014?
  • It’s not worth it anymore. I may be a long-time season ticket holder but I’m an upper deck dweller and could only ever afford a Sunday plan. They don’t do anything special for us peons.
  • I need to win Mega Millions.
  • Actually, I may have to call Mega Billions if no one wins it by December 24.
  • What a Christmas present that would be.
  • If I won the $1B jackpot, I’d give everyone I know some money because honestly, what the hell could one person do with a billion dollars?
  • Kidding.
  • Wait, could I buy a share of the Yankees with that money?
  • Could I buy my own team?
  • Maybe I’ll rethink the whole “giving money to everyone I know” thing and do that.
  • Could I steal the Knicks away from James Dolan?
  • Hmmmm.
  • The Orioles just signed Grant Balfour for two-year/$15M.
  • That a nice signing for them.
  • Right?

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Stacey is co-Editor-in-Chief of It's About The Money and is a co-host of the It's About The Yankees, Stupid podcast. When she's not blogging about baseball, she's blogging about basketball and when she's not doing either of those things, she's tweeting.

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