Game 10: Ugh, It’s Starting Again

Oh good, a four-game Yankees-Red Sox series.

Here are your lineups for tonight’s contest:

Sizemore LF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Napoli 1B
Nava RF
Bogaerts SS
Pierzynski C
Bradley CF
Herrera 3B

Gardner CF
Jeter SS
Ellsbury CF
Beltran RF
McCann C
Soriano DH
Johnson 1B
Solarte 3B
Anna 2B

Tonight’s pitching matchup is Clay Buchholz vs Michael Pineda.

Fun fact: Grady Sizemore was the first batter at the new Stadium (regular season – exhibition games against the Cubs not included) when he was a member of the Cleveland Indians.

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