Random Thoughts Before The Tampa Series

Good morning,

Full disclosure: I was going to do another post with charts, graphs, and pictures because I wanted to see the difference in certain players’ stats from week to week but my mind was all over the place when I first woke up this morning so I figured why not do a random thoughts post first and do the post with charts, graphs and pictures later in the day. So here we are. Now, hold onto your butts or whatever because it’s go time:

  • Why is MLB trying to make me angry this early into the season?
  • The Yankees played a four-game set against Boston last weekend and now they’re playing four against Tampa?
  • Come on.
  • Seriously?
  • And in Tampa? That is like the worst thing you could do to me. To all of us.
  • I loathe games at the Slop and I want that place to be swallowed by a sinkhole.
  • Obviously, I’d like that to happen when no one is inside. I’m not that cruel.
  • Yes I call it the Slop because it’s terrible, horrible, no good and very bad.
  • And to make matters worse, the Rays are coming off a pretty bad road trip during which they were outscored 34-15 and were 3-5 so you know they’re probably going to torch CC Sabathia tonight because that’s how these things work.
  • It’s so sad to not look forward to Sabathia starts anymore.
  • Remember when you could count on him to always win? Or at least, it seemed like you could.
  • That’s gone now.
  • So did everyone else enjoy yesterday’s doubleheader?
  • I did.
  • I enjoy watching good pitching performances and to be lucky enough to see two in one day? Happy Birthday to us!
  • Masahiro Tanaka is pretty cool.
  • So far this season he has 28 strikeouts and has only given up two walks.
  • Yes, two.
  • And then we have Michael Pineda or “Big Mike” as we all like to call him now. He had another good performance yesterday which was nice to see.
  • I was watching the Red Sox/White Sox game last night and I thought to myself, “Can both teams lose?”
  • You may be wondering why I’d even care about the White Sox. Two words: Hawk Harrelson. Anytime you can get a sad and depressed Hawk Harrelson on the air, you’ve won.
  • I am loving Carlos Beltran on this team. He’s fun to watch every day.
  • Same with Jacoby Ellsbury.
  • You always like guys better when they’re on your team hitting and stealing bases for you.
  • Scott Sizemore had a nice debut with the Yankees. Good for him.
  • The bullpen is stepping it up while D-Rob recovers from his groin injury.
  • In fact #42 did a pretty nice job last night to close out the game.
  • I miss Mo.
  • It’s still weird to not have him around.
  • Last week, I was on YouTube and it suggested a video of Mark McGwire hitting a monster home run off Randy Johnson in the Kingdome.
  • Holy. #$%^.
  • It was mammoth.
  • Here’s the link.
  • Man, Randy Johnson was scary looking in the 90’s.
  • I watched baseball back then so I do remember it but I had put it into the deep recesses of my brain, with the hope of never being reminded of it.
  • Damn it, YouTube.
  • In all seriousness, YouTube has a lot of cool stuff on it and thanks to MLB finally getting the stick out of their bum, you can legally watch full classic games.
  • It’s 9:45 and I haven’t had coffee yet.
  • I need to remedy that situation.
  • There have been five players who have passed Joe DiMaggio on the home run list while playing for the Yankees: Mickey Mantle in 1961, Reggie Jackson in 1979, Alex Rodriguez in 2004, Jason Giambi in 2007 and yesterday, Carlos Beltran joined the list.
  • Pretty cool, right?
  • I knew I couldn’t get through a random thoughts post without mentioning A-Rod.
  • I wonder how he is.
  • I also wonder if he’s watching games and if he is, what he thinks of the team so far.
  • I also wonder if I can talk him into coming onto the It’s About The Yankees, Stupid podcast.
  • That would be one hell of a get, wouldn’t it?

Happy Thursday!

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